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Every exam has certain guidelines and rules that are to be followed on the day of an exam. FRM is no exception and GARP takes the exam administration rules pretty seriously. Here are 5 things that if you do on the day of the exam can result in your exam being not graded, in the previous years, there have been candidates who were affected because they did one or two of the things listed below:

1. Beginning the exam early

According to the GARP administration and exam centre rules, Part 1 exam should begin at 8:00 am, and Part 2 at 2:00 pm. We all get cold feet when we are in a examination room. We’re just dying to see what that exam booklet has in store for us. But you are warned, if you so much as open the booklet before the time let alone begin the exam, you need not bother writing the exam.

2. Continuing to write the exam after session has ended

The clock’s done ticking and you’re not done writing. There’s an undying urge to write just that one last question may be two. Trust us! If you don’t want to land in trouble, you’re better off bidding adios to that paper. You probably did better than you think.

3. Cellphone into the classroom

The bond between a human and his phone, particularly a smart phone is a sacred one. But GARP is not kidding when they say no mobile phones are allowed into the classroom.

You can keep them at a designated place at the test centre, but if you can afford to, we’d suggest to not carry a mobile at all to the centre.

4. Wrong calculator

GARP has a list of calculators that are allowed in to the test centre. If you carry any other calculator, you may not have a chance to use it at all. Have a look at the accepted calculator models in FRM exam.

5. Cheating

We’ve all done some pretty innovative stuff when it comes to writing examinations in college. Unless you are ok with GARP banning you from writing the FRM exam, you shouldn’t probably try to cheat during the examination. Do we need to spell out what “cheat” means?