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Tough times are ahead and probably the most stressful ones as well. With just 3 days in hand before Level I CFA® Exam, anxiety levels must be high. Even after months of preparation, solving endless test papers and revising, confidence level still seems to sinking, right?

Here are 6 tips to help you de-stress and perform well in exam for better results!

1. Take a break and Unburden:

Balancing work and study is a tough job. If your company is not that generous to allow you three days grace time to study, apply for leaves. Sit back and study; smartly utilize the last three days of time before exams, at the comfort of your home.

2. Gulp down what you can’t eat:

By now you must have mapped your performance and should know your strengths and weaknesses. Despite all your efforts, there remains certain topics which you think are important but still fail to remember the concepts. What might help you in this situation is memorizing them blindly. If memorizing is a problem, we have Mind Maps to help you strategically memorize the concepts.

3. Concentrate less on score and Focus more on test papers:

It’s time for you to emphasize on solving more test papers rather than test paper score because that would boost your confidence. For more practice sessions, better understanding and analysis of your performance.

4. Practice makes a man perfect:

Don’t laze around if you are well prepared for your exam. Instead revise, it might help you score even better. Learning from your mistakes is the need of the hour, so watch out for the problem areas where you have made mistakes during test paper solving days.

5. Early to bed and early to Rise:

Avoid studying for longer hours. Instead make it a habit to sleep early so that your body gets accustomed to the routine and you don’t feel sleepy on the exam day. Good sleep is vital for your performance. A stressed mind adds to low performance.

6. Stop Worrying and Relax:

Worrying won’t help. You’re not going to forget everything that you have studied, so relax!
Take some time off and unwind yourself. Take a brisk walk in the garden instead.

Hard work never fails, so have that leap of faith in you. Your sincere efforts won’t fail. Be confident and you’ll crack the exam. All the best for your exam.