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7 Reasons why Engineers should do Digital Marketing

August 26, 2014

Today’s world is driven by internet. It holds key for unlimited problems, in fact maybe every problem. And digital marketing is one of the thriving users of internet. It’s the hottest trend of the day. And to be a part of this revolution would be a wise choice. If you are an engineer, this place is even more so made for you.

7 reasons why there should more Engineers in Digital Marketing:-

  1. Money! This is a very big driving point for anyone. With starting packages as high as 30 LPA!, what more can an engineer ask for. Digital marketing is the new mint maker and best part of it is that anyone who comes in contact with it is handed chunks of currency. With so many engineers produced every year. This should be a good reason why there should be more engineers in digital marketing.
  2. For an engineer, the spirit of life is intuition and data. And digital marketing is all about that. Work involved in digital marketing deals a lot with creating your own marketing ideas, move through the jungle with intuition while using data as the compass. Some of the mot analytical work that an engineer would enjoy is in Digital Marketing. Even if big bucks aren’t attractive. Enjoying the work is another reason why engineers should be in Digital Marketing.
  3. Every engineer aspires for a sound career. Digital marketing is like a clay mold. You can make a simple cylindrical figure out of it and leave it there, or you can go ahead and make a beautiful sculpture out of it. It’s upto you. You have only infinity stopping you on your career growth. There are umpteen career opportunities in digital marketing.
  4. An engineer is a chief problem solver. Jobs in digital marketing need such analytical skills. Whenever launching a new product into the e-market, a thorough analysis regarding the product, its customer base and what they could be looking for is important. There’s a lot of data available out there. Are you intuitive enough to handle it? An engineer most certainly would be!
  5. Work environment in most popular digital marketing firms like FLIPKART today in India is similar to a start-up culture. Hence, one would get to learn a lot and also have a semi-formal work life. Companies are very lively and have a very friendly culture.
  6. An engineer always looks for challenges and there is never enough of them in digital marketing field. From selecting what kinds of products you want to sell to what kind of costumers you want to target, every step involves steady analytical thinking. Every step is a cognitive challenge.
  7. If you are a n engineer turned entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to miss on the golden opportunity Digital marketing presents to you. Marketing and sales is the heart of every business if you don’t know how your marketing is working for you, you’re just burning money and nobody likes that. With digital marketing you can collect data, understand what’s working for you and what’s not and make changes accordingly.

An engineer always finds innovating, exploring the unseen, challenging the old norms, building and rebuilding successful products. Each and everything, by spirit, can be experienced in digital marketing. If you are an engineer, do give this field a good thought!

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