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7 tips to Hack your Learning

December 15, 2012

Students who are giving the CFA® in 2013 should definitely read this post. However, if you are a student in any path of formal learning, this applies to you as well! Learning is something that we do all the time (even outside schools and colleges, in fact I think mostly out of colleges!!). Are there ways of improving this learning then? Can we somehow hack your learning to a better learning methodology for us so that we can quickly grasp the subject? Yes, the good folks at OEDB (Online Education Database) have provided us with such a system. Interestingly, most of us might already be doing some of these things, but it’s great to know that if we actively follow these steps, we can see an increase in our learning curve.

Hacking Learning

(Image credits: OEDB: Hacking Knowledge: How to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better in the 21st Century)

Learning can be difficult for some people, but these are simple steps –

  1. Taking a break between study sessions helps you relax
  2. If you are feeling down and depressed, then the negative emotions might be hampering your learning
  3. Writing your understanding on the topic helps you remember it better
  4. Physical activity before  mental activity ensures that the blood flow to your brain is more and hence the brain becomes more receptive
  5. Getting enough sleep helps you concentrate on the subject
  6. Repeating the topic (and this is used a lot in India, called as rote learning) helps … yes, all our schools are a living testament to it!!
  7. Learning a new language help you increase your grasping power

Do go through the rest of the article (you can find the link  in the image credits).

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