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Decline in Facebook’s organic reach

source – social@Ogilvy

As you can see in the research above by social@Ogilvy, Facebook’s organic reach is declining drastically and the fact is, nothing can be done about that, unless you convince Mark Zuckerberg to think otherwise. Cribbing about the declined reach constantly is not going to help as well. So why not try and produce the posts that are engagement worthy. If you have good level of engagement then the reach shall take care of itself . Now the question is, how to increase the engagement on Facebook??? Well, it’s quite simple. Follow the below mentioned tips and see your engagement level rising.

1. Ask Questions

Ask, and you shall receive. Asking questions is one of the most common ways of engaging your fans on Facebook. If your question is decently framed then your fans are bound to reply in the form of comments. You can ask for advice and that will make your fans feel important or you can just ask them a fun question or riddle.

 Asking questions to increase engagement on Facebook

If you see the image above, Amazon took advantage of National Reading Month. Similarly you too can take the advantage of the festivals and important days to increase your engagement level. For example, if you own a gift shop, you can easily cash on the Valentine’s Day, Friendship day, Mothers day etc.

2. Watch your words

While posting on Facebook make sure you choose your words carefully. If your brand is too niche, make sure that you don’t use a very casual tone or language while communicating with your audience. Whereas, if your brand is massy, then you can communicate casually with your fans.

using right language on Facebook

For example, Nickelband recently posted something which had a very casual image and write up. The language, tone and the photo used were very casual which is obvious as it is a rock band. Imagine Nickelback saying “Good Morning all, we are leaving for rehearsals, you can enjoy our music in the meantime.” This would sound too boring to like or comment, so make sure your tone matches your brand image.

3. Run Contests

Running contests is another great way of generating engagement. It creates certain kind of excitement among the fans and they shall visit your page time and again to know if they have won the prize. Make sure that your contests are fun as well as creative and the prize offered is effort worthy.

contests on Facebook

Vault Café received an amazing response for their contest since it had something creative to think. If you ask people to think about something and comment they might just share their knowledge and experience but if you ask them blindly to share the post, chances are that they might not do it. So choose your contests wisely.

4. Posting on Right Time

Timing of your posts is very important. If you schedule your post too late in the evening or very early in the morning, then the chances of people even noticing it are very less. Through Facebook insights check when your audience is online and you can schedule your posts accordingly. You can also use Buffer which helps to increase the engagement by helping you to post on right time.

Right time to post on Facebook

Studies by SocialTimes, CIO and Hubspot , contradicts each other by advising different timings of posting. But according to me, every brand has different target group and therefore, you should determine your own best time to post by analyzing your Facebook insights.

5. Use Photographs

A picture is equivalent to 1000 words and that is true in Facebook as well. When you add an image along with the status, the value of the post increases. When you just write a status, chances are that it may go unnoticed but when you attach a picture to it, it will surely catch the eye and if the image is good enough you may get a like, comment or share as well.

using photos on Facebook

The images above by BMW are so eye catching that even if you are not a great fan of cars, then too you forced to like or comment. If you are looking for some great pictures, you can easily find them on Reddit.

6. Frequency of posting

Quality over Quantity should be your motto, when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Posting 10 times a day is not going to help, infact it can irritate your fans and they might just unlike your page. According to the research, pages that post 1-2 post per day receive around 40% more engagement than the pages that posts more than 3 posts per day.

7. Don’t go overboard with promotional posts

Get rid of the ‘I, Me & Myself attitude’. Talking too much about yourself can bore your fans so try to be creative with your posts. If you are posting 2 posts a day then 1 can be about your brand and the other can be something general and engaging.

Every brand is different and requires a different strategy but these were some common elements which you can work on to increase your engagement level. Avoid the common mistakes while marketing on Facebook and follow these points and you surely shall see the rise in the engagement level. If you have tried something other than this, then do share with us in the comments box below.