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If you gave any or few of the ACCA papers this June. You’ll be getting your results today. This

blogpost tries to explain the different sections that you would be seeing in ACCA Results for

June 2014 and where you can find the results.

ACCA 2014 results for June are scheduled to be released online on 8th

have opted to receive your results through text on mobile and email, you will be receiving

them 5 hrs before everyone, at 12:00 AM (UK time). The ACCA 2014 results would be

available through myACCA from 5:00 AM.

Online exam results are available via your exam status report. In order to view your exam

status report:

  • Log into your myACCA account.
  • You should then select ‘Exam Status and Results’, which will be listed on the left hand side.
  • On the page displayed, you will see an option to ‘View your status report’. Please click on this wording for your report to appear.

Parts of the Result:

Section A – Examination Results:

This section displays the mark attained for each paper attempted at the last session of

examinations. In case you feel that there has been a mistake in the marks that are given

to you. You can submit it for an administrative review. You can ask for it under following


  • You believe ACCA’s procedures have not been properly applied in arriving at your mark.
  • You have received an absent mark but you were present at the examination.
  • You were not present at an examination but have received a mark.

To submit for an administrative review, you can go to myACCA and choose submit for

administrative review.

Section B – Examination Status:

This section shows your examination status following the most recent examination session

and includes all exemptions awarded and CBE passes achieved before the date stated.

Section C – Ethics and Professionalism Modules Status

This section will show the status of professional ethics and foundations in professionalism

modules. It will be shown as “completed” if you have completed the module by the date

shown in the examination status section of the form.

Section D – Practical Experience Requirement (Per) Status

This section shows the performance objectives you have achieved and recorded with ACCA

as at the date of this status report.

Section E – Oxford Brookes Status

If you have selected the Ocford Brookes BS program then this section will show your current

status on the Oxford Brookes University degree.

Section F – Your Progress to Membership

This section shows your progress towards ACCA membership. To be eligible for membership

you must complete all 14 examinations, 9 Essential and 4 Options performance objectives,

have a minimum of 36 months experience in a relevant accounting or finance role and

complete the Professional Ethics module.

All the best with your results!