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ON24, the firm operating globally to provide webinar-based marketing solutions, announced recently that its Webcast Centre platform was selected by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to host its annual virtual conference titled – Accounting for the Future 2014.

This year’s edition of ‘Accounting for the Future’ is scheduled to commence on September 15 and till date the organisers have received around 10,000 entries from all across the globe. The ACCA conference will continue for four days and will study the role finance professionals will play in building a strong and successful global economy.

During the online sessions, the experts will deliver live and on-demand content over Risk management and corporate culture; Corporate reporting; Finance industry transformation and the future of the finance profession.

According to the reports, the Accounting for the Future 2014 will be one of the largest-ever online gatherings for accounting and finance professionals. Sharat Sharan, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of ON24, said: “With ‘Accounting for the Future’ ACCA is illustrating the true potential of webcasting and virtual conferences.”

While talking about his company’s contribution, he added: “ON24 provides the powerful and easy-to-use platform that can support thousands of users at once, while ACCA focuses on highly relevant industry content means that the organization can attract large audiences and engage and retain them.”

About ACCA

ACCA has a deep global reach into the finance industry and places professional education and networking as a top priority. It has more than one lakh seventy thousand members and four lakh thirty-six thousand students and a network of more than ninety one offices in over one hundred seventy countries.

The association’s annual online gathering was created to provide content and best practices from thought leaders, working professionals and industry experts to keep the organization’s membership up-to-date and ultimately to advance the finance profession.

About ON24

The San Francisco-based company, which was launched in 2002, markets products and services through webcasting, virtual event and environment technology. The purpose is to drive demand generation and customer engagement. The firm’s patented cloud-based platform features an interactive and immersive user interface and industry-leading webinar analytics for campaigns, events and benchmarking.

ACCA-ON24 relation

Apart from using ON24’s global reach, reliability and cost savings for ‘Accounting for the Future,’ the ACCA has also hired the firm for a majority of its global training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) educational programmes.

Earlier in June, the association hosted ‘Access ACCA,’ bringing together its worldwide learning partners to discuss how to best enhance ACCA’s education programs and move towards an e-assessment model.

While explaining the cost-effectiveness of the collaboration, ACCA’s Marketing Manager Amrit Saroya said: “As the partners are located all across the globe, hosting events in each country would have been challenging and costly. So, our solution was to organise a virtual conference to bring all the learning partners, including representatives from over sixty two nations, together.”

He noted that with pre-recorded video presentations and live Q&A sessions, which were delivered via the ON24 platform, the professionals and students attending the seminar were actively engaged with the content and senior ACCA experts, with 2,501 hours of engagement and 3,939 session views.