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ACCA Eligibility

March 21, 2017

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global body of professional accounting. It was founded in 1904. ACCA offers the globally recognized Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA or FCCA). ACCA has its head office in London and the principal administrative office in
Glasgow. ACCA operates through 91 branch offices and centers. ACCA has a global network of over 8,500 Approved Employers providing employee development.
ACCA has more than 170,000 members and 436,000 students across 180 countries. ACCA focuses on encompassing highest standard of business-related
qualifications to individuals who wish to excel in the field of accountancy and finance.

In India, ACCA is gaining importance for those who are keen on building their career in the area of accountancy and business skills. The organizations are
also keen on going global for which they need expertise to manage their resources and business activities at a global platform.

ACCA Eligibility Criteria in India:

The minimum requirements in India to register for ACCA are stated below:



10+2 / India School Certificate / Intermediate Certificate / Higher School Certificate / Higher Secondary Certificate / Pre-University

Sufficient for registration

(providing passes are held in 5 subjects (at least 3 in Year XII) including English and Mathematics / Accounts, mark of 65% in at least 2
subjects and over 50% on the others)

(For the Higher Secondary Certificate the marks are out of 200, so over 130 meets the 65% requirement and over 100 meets the 50%

Below is a breakdown of the grades in terms of percentage and actual grade.

50%-60% = Satisfactory = C1

60%-70% = Good = B2

85%+, 80%-85%, 70%-80% = A1–A2, B1

All India Senior School Certificate/Senior Secondary School Examination

Sufficient for registration

(providing passes are held in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics / Accounts, mark of 65% in at least 2 subjects and over 50% on
the others)

Polytechnics / College of Technology Diploma (Two years)

Sufficient for Registration


The students who have already studied relevant qualifications can get exemptions from Foundation level Qualification and of the ACCA Qualification. A student can get exemption from a maximum of nine papers of the fundamentals level depending upon the earlier qualification. But to ensure that the standards of ACCA are maintained, there are no exemptions from the ACCA Professional level exams.

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