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The syllabus for ACCA F5, Performance Management, builds on the knowledge gained in

Paper F2, Management Accounting and seeks to examine candidates’ understanding of how

to manage the performance of a business. It also prepares candidates for more specialist

capabilities which are covered in P5 Advanced Performance Management.

Download: ACCA F5 Syllabus

ACCA F5 Syllabus assessment:

The syllabus is assessed by a three-hour paper based examination. All questions are

compulsory. It will contain both computational and discursive elements. Some questions

will adopt a scenario/case study approach. Section A of the exam comprises 20 multiple

choice questions of 2 marks each. Section B of the exam comprises three 10 mark questions

and two 15 mark questions. The two 15 mark questions will come from decision making

techniques, budgeting and control and or performance measurement and control areas of

the syllabus. The section A questions and the other questions in section B can cover any

areas of the syllabus. Candidates are provided with a formulae sheet