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Syllabus for ACCA P4 develops upon the core financial management knowledge and skills covered

in the ACCA F9 Syllabus, Financial Management, syllabus at the Fundamentals level and prepares

candidates to advise management and/or clients on complex strategic financial management issues

facing an organisation.

Download detailed ACCA P4 Syllabus.

ACCA P4 syllabus starts by exploring the role and responsibility of a senior executive or advisor in

meeting competing needs of stakeholders within the business environment of multinationals. The

syllabus then re-examines investment and financing decisions, with the emphasis moving towards

the strategic consequences of making such decisions in a domestic, as well as international, context.

Candidates are then expected to develop further advisory skills in planning strategic acquisitions and

mergers and corporate re-organisations.

The next part of the syllabus for P4 re-examines, in the broadest sense, the existence of risks in

business and the sophisticated strategies which are employed in order to manage such risks. It

builds on what candidates would have covered in the F9, Financial Management, syllabus and the

P1,Governance, Risk and Ethics, syllabus. The syllabus finishes by examining the impact of emerging

issues in finance.

ACCA P4 syllabus assessment:

The examination will be a three-hour paper in two sections:

Section A will contain a compulsory question, comprising of 50 marks. Section A will normally cover

significant issues relevant to the senior financial manager or advisor and will be set in the form of a

case study or scenario. The requirements of the section A question are such that candidates will be

expected to show a comprehensive understanding of issues from across the syllabus. The question

will contain a mix of computational and discursive elements.

In section B candidates will be asked to answer two from three questions, comprising of 25 marks

each. Section B questions are designed to provide a more focused test of the syllabus. Questions will

normally contain a mix of computational and discursive elements, but may also be wholly discursive

or evaluative where computations are already provided.

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