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ACCA Pakistan makes exam payments easy

July 12, 2014

ACCA Pakistan signed an MoU with MCB bank to provide the services of MCB lite to ACCA Pakistan members and students.

According to the deal, MCB bank provides an exclusive deal to ACCA Pakistan members and students on their product MCB lite – Pass it On, a mobile wallet powered by Visa Card. Through this, paying for the subscription by ACCA Pakistan members and exam fees for ACCA students in Pakistan got a lot easier and convenient.

ACCA Pakistan head, Arif Masood Mirza commented that ACCA encourages the use of digital mediums for communication and that this agreement with MCB bank brings them one step closer to achieve their mission of swift adaptation to changing environments.

If you’re an ACCA Pakistan member or a student preparing for ACCA in Pakistan. You should check out MCB Lite.

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