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Before you start applying online for ACCA, you need to keep the following documents ready:

  • Proof of relevant qualifications including proof of completion certificates and transcripts
  • Proof of identification
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Credit/debit card if completing all of your application online
  • Cheque, bank draft or postal order if part completing your application online
  • Official translations of any documentation not in English

These documents can be sent to ACCA by post after applying or you can upload a scanned copy online while applying. Once you are done, check for exemptions.

Once you have all the above documents ready goto the application page on ACCA. Once you are there, click on Start Application.

Once you have clicked on it, a dialog box opens which asks you to confirm your country. Choose your country and click on Apply Now.

Once you have clicked on Apply Now, a page appears requesting your personal details. Enter your personal details and click on Next.

Once you have gone to the next page confirm that the following dialogue boxes are appropriately filled.

Dialogue box number 1 should read ACCA Qualification Dialogue box number 2 should read the country you are from.

Once you are in the next page, you need to provide your contact details and home address. At the end of the page, it asks your employment status. Choose among the options provided: Employed, Unemployed, Career break, studying, studying with an ACCA Partner program. Choose career break if you are voluntarily unemployed to pursue something. Studying if you are a student who is still in college/university.

After your employment status, there’s a check box that asks if you are eligible to practice accounting in your country of residence. Like CA in India, CPA in America etc. check this if you have such a license.

Depending on your qualification ACCA provides various points of entry or exemptions. In the next page once you choose your country, a list of qualifications are displayed and corresponding eligibility for registration or exam is given.

Go through this table carefully, and answer the questions below. Accordingly, it will be decided if you are eligible to register or if you need to do some coursework before registering or if you cannot register at all.

If you are eligible to register, you will receive the following screen asking the details about your education.

Fill the details accordingly. If the details you have filled returns the following result:

Click on the link circled in the picture when this happens. In the new page, enter the name of the university/certificate awarding body along with the degree/certification received. Once you have done this click on next. If your university/certificate awarding body is listed, it will give a drop down of programs. Choose the appropriate program.

If the program you have done is eligible for exemptions a list such as below is shown which has a smallE displayed beside the courses you can take an exemption from.

There’s a tiny check box at the bottom, which refers to a unique program offered in collaboration with Oxford Brookes, if you want to pursue their Bsc program leave this box alone. If not, check this box to enrol without the program

On the next page, you are given two choices, either upload the documents online or send them physically to ACCA, in first case, payment has to be made online only, using a credit/debit card. If you decide to send the documents physically, you can pay through cheque or DD or through post.

Accepted file formats:

  • Passport Size photo: JPEG format, 2MB size.
  • Identity proof: Birth certificate, passport pages (showing personal information) or any national ID card. Accepted formats include plain text, MS Word, Images (JPEG, PNG, BITMAP, GIF) or MS excel
  • Qualifications proof: transcripts and certificates of the programs you have done. Accepted formats include plain text, MS Word, Images (JPEG, PNG, BITMAP, GIF) or MS excel.
  • Minimum qualifications proof: certificates/transcripts of your high school and other minimum qualifications to pursue university education, Accepted formats include plain text, MS Word, Images (JPEG, PNG, BITMAP, GIF) or MS excel.

Once you have uploaded all the documents or if you have chosen to send by post, click next. A summary of your application details opens up. Agree to the terms and conditions and click next.

If you have uploaded the documents online, You should make the payment online using credit/debit card.

Now your application is up for review.

If you choose to send the documents by post, you can still pay online and your application review will begin when your documents reach ACCA.