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By the time you read this, a college graduate will be filling out forms of various MBA institutes, and shuffling lakhs of rupees on its fees for the obvious reasons we know – considerable popularity- good jobs availability- better salary- good marriage proposals – making Sharma aunty jealous, etcetera, etcetera. No wonder, MBA is the ‘GO-TO’ degree that graduates take up blindfoldedly, pre-assuming this degree would spike up their career graphs and land them in jobs they have always dreamt of.

We bring you the story of Payal Bahirwani, who, like every second graduate was once a potential target of MBA institutes. Today she has advanced her accounting career, catapulted her practical experience while being internationally recognized, joined the world’s largest accountants association that has its expanse in over 170 countries, all this happened in just 2 years, but not with an MBA. No, you won’t have to wait for a conclusion part like Bahubali- the story unfolds as you read on. Yes- it’s equally exciting as Bahubalis’ conclusion- keep your popcorn ready!

Always been a bright student, specially accounting and finance, Payal was all set to trace her career goals. With sheer determination of following her dreams of maximizing her potential and achieving senior roles, she started preparing for an MBA degree.

Whoever she knew in her circle was either doing CA or taking up MBA.  She too was kind of “following the herd”. But, life had some other plans for her! She came across articles that read the downfall of MBAs, and how 90% of MBAs in India are unemployable owing to the lack of practical skills and connect between what they are taught in colleges. Most of these MBAs were earning a measly 8000 to 10,000 rupees per month-that too, only when they could find placements.  Also, she was concerned on how spending lakhs on her education would be a good deal in the first place.

It dawned upon her that she needed a degree that guarantees her employment and makes her industry-ready. She was confused and found herself on the cross-roads of her career. Fortunately, she landed herself on an Online Ad that flashed with big bold letters- ACCA. (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Being a number-cruncher at heart, she was drawn towards it in no time. After thorough research and guidance from mentors, she found out that ACCA was a more student-friendly, affordable and flexible course that concentrates not only on theory but also on the application of concepts. She was attracted to the fact that ACCA provides global recognition, making her an asset for growing MNCs and Big 4s in India. She realized what she wanted to be- an ACCA. She requested a callback from EduPristine’s ACCA Program– an authorized training provider of ACCA qualification, they guided her towards achieving the ACCA membership.

Today, she is a proud ACCA topper in Foundation Papers conducted during her 2016 sessions. As seen in the picture, with twinkle in her eyes, and sparkle in her smile, she is all set to conquer the Accounting world. Are you? If yes, know more on how to get skilled-up with ACCA, click here.