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Customer reviews plays crucial role to derive quality traffic to the website. They can increase your conversion rates, business integrity, and dependability and it also brings unique content to the website. Many e-commerce businesses implement user reviews to gain bigger revenue.  In this article we will cover how to use customer reviews to boost your conversion rate.

Become Trustworthy

Researchers have revealed very interesting statistics. Apparently people trust 10 times more to customer reviews than description on e-commerce website. Other study shows that 25% of visitors think that are fake if they can’t find negative reviews. Also customer who spend much time to find bad reviews, are more likely to convert than other users. Placing positive and negative both reviews to your list of product can help you derive more sales.

Some Important Facts :

  • 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has unique user reviews. (iperceptions,2011)
  • According to Reevoo  stats, 40 or more reviews per product can mean a 5% increase in conversion rate.
  • Users who interact with both reviews and customers questions and answers are more than 100% likely to buy while exploring the site content and also interact 10 % more than users who don’t interact much.
  • According to Reevoo, customer reviews produce an average 18% increased sales.


Techniques to get Customer Review

There are many ways to bring customer’s attention but here we will highlight most popular and most used techniques:

  • Ask to your customer

Simply we can initiate post sale communication with the customer and ask them about the product. This is one of the most common activity which works really well.

Some of the e-commerce companies write an email to the customers when they make a purchase to ask if they would like to leave a feedback.

  • Reward for customer reviews

Another way to encourage customer review is to reward them for leaving one.

A rewards program allows you to give a reward that is seen as more substantial in the eyes of the customer. No one is going to be motivated by 50 points but they will be motivated to earn 500 points. Rewarding for reviews is an easy and effective way to get more customer reviews.

How Customer reviews can improve your website ranking ?

Improving conversions and improving customer experience should be the main purpose of user reviews. Customer Reviews are also useful for website search engine ranking.

  • Fresh and unique content for search engines – Search engine spiders/crawlers like unique content that is ongoing update for the website
  • Improve ranking for product SKU’s and review – For specific product, reviews will certainly work to highlight top model of that product. This means that more consumers will be searching for the model of the product and reviews related to the product search.
  • Improved CTR on product page – If review content is updated correctly, then these rich snippets can help increase click through rate from search engine result page.

 Please refer below screenshot:

Customer reviews can improve your website ranking

  • Long Tail Targeting – Additional content generated by customer/user review increase the chance of ranking well for long tail searches

Some of the SEO considerations for user reviews

  • Page Indexation
  • No duplicate content on the website
  • Bad reviews/Negative reviews

Simple ways to showcase reviews and ratings

It’s good to have lots of reviews, but once the number of reviews increase a certain limit, it’s important to find ways to organize them and help other buyers to make sense of them.


Customer Question! Was this helpful ?

So here Customer can ask Question

Q & A in customer review

Below is the customer review which could be helpful for the user who asked  questions related to this product only.

Helpful customer review

 Show list of products customers buy after viewing this Item with ratings and reviews as shown in below screenshot

other product links

Use reviews in paid search campaigns

Seller ratings provided by customers can be used in paid search campaigns to provide a quick star ratings for searchers. Here is one of the example which showcase star ratings for paid search ad

reviews in paid search campaigns

Customer reviews are helpful in decision making process

Around 90% of shoppers say that customer reviews have an impact on the purchase of a product. These reviews are even more helpful to increase purchases for electronic items, maximum number of users are not buying products reading the review.

Reviews have become a part of the research that shoppers do before buying a product online. If you give shoppers the information they need to complete this part of the buying process on the product page, they are more likely to convert.