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India is a land of opportunities, where we witness almost a surge of doctors, engineers, software developers every year. However, amidst all these celebrated career domains, there are several other brighter options for people having lesser interest in technical fields. Accounting is one such proliferating vertical that has been embraced willfully by students. Hence, if you also prefer accounts over other subjects to kick start your professional career, here are few prospective courses in this field that you can pursue.
Chartered Accountancy

It needs lots of hard work, brilliance, and patience to succeed in this three-year course. It imparts a superior quality theoretical knowledge, practical training and myriad other skills desired in a professional Chartered Accountant. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India conducts this exam. Once you are through, you have brighter chances of ensuring lucrative salary packages.

Cost Accounting

The success of a company on global precincts depends very much on its expenditures to offer quality service. The lesser the cost input, the better it is expected to survive the stiff competition. The study of Cost Accounting is based on this very thought. It requires you to take care of the cost management affairs on behalf of your employer, and could prove to be a very fruitful profession. In India, you can pursue this course from the Institute of Costs and Works Accountants of India (ICWA).

Company Secretary

With the growing presence of industries into various sectors, practices like foreign stock exchange listing, takeovers, mergers, collaboration, etc., have become quite usual. The foray of companies into these new avenues lead to many associated legal obligations. A company secretary hence helps his organization to solve any sort of law related issue arising out of these business engagements. The body that conducts this course in India is The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). You should be XII pass or possess bachelors degree in Law or commerce to join this course.

Chartered Financial Analysts

While you enroll yourself in CFA certification course, you will put forth a concrete step toward cementing your accounting career in India. It arms you with several business practices, economic conditions, policies, and of course, all the basic accounting standards. Becoming a Chartered Financial Analysts entitles you to become a professional financial advisor. Companies and individuals would seek your insightful and analytical opinions during fund investments, to leverage maximum monetary gains. You should be at least a graduate in Commerce with Maths, to join this course.

Accounting careers in India are multifarious, the need is to be aware and grab the opportunity as it comes. Courses likes Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Cost Accounting, etc. are among the most sought after ones in this proliferating professional vertical.