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One of the important hurdles that a job seeker has to cross is a job interview. If you are an accountant an accountant then you have to be ready for any kind of accounting interview questions.


A lot will depend on whether you are opting for an entry-level job or whether you are an experienced candidate. So, here are some accounting interview questions and answers sample which will give you some respite from your struggle.

Now the questions will depend on whether you are a fresher or an experienced accountant.

Here are few accounting interview questions and answers for experienced candidates.

Have you used any automation in your previous job to streamline the accounting process?

Normally experienced candidates are expected to have experience in handling different advanced software tools. They make use of different processes which will save time in doing manual things. One more reason for using these automated workflow streamlining processes is to reduce discrepancies. Experienced candidates are expected to have experience in ERP systems.

What will you do to reduce errors in your job?

As an accountant, even a small error can lead to a huge financial crisis in the company. Therefore it is essential that you know how you will reduce the errors in your job. Yes, but at the same time, human errors are bound to happen. You must tell the interviewer that you will evaluate and double check all the work in order to reduce mistakes. Peer evaluation can help in a big way to reduce mistakes.

Can you manage strict deadlines and multiple projects with complete efficiency?

Accountants need to adhere to strict deadlines. They will be entrusted with the task of multiple projects. Now here they need to be prudent and must know how to set their priorities right. The candidate must tell the interviewer that he will manage deadlines by prioritizing the projects.

He will first finish those which are most time-sensitive ones. Then he must also tell the employer that he is good at multi-tasking. Also, must give the interviewer examples of how he managed different tasks at the same time in his previous job.

How will you find out fraudulent entries in the ledger?

Experienced accountants are expected to know how to use the automated systems to detect anomalies. At the same time, they must also be sharp enough to detect the wrong entries manually. Only a person who can use both of these methods effectively can successfully handle all the accounting matters of the company with efficacy.

Now, these are some questions for experienced candidates. But when it comes to freshers it is a totally different ball game. Here are some accounting interview questions and answers for freshers.

Why do you want to select accounting as your career?

The fresher must explain how he always loved playing with numbers. He must specify that he likes math. Also, he always found working on ledger related questions enjoyable. He must insist that how he perused higher studies in accounting because he always wanted to take that up as his career.

 Can you give some details about accounting concepts?

The accounting process is based on some concepts or assumptions. These are known as accounting concepts. This includes business entity concept, dual aspect concept, accounting period concept, cost concept etc.

Accounting interview questions for Freshers

Overall freshers will ask questions that will test their knowledge of accounting. This will include questions like owners equity, the concept of debit note and credit note, questions about the balance sheet, questions about bookkeeping like double entry bookkeeping and its rules, questions about bank reconciliation statement etc. The candidate must have all these concepts clear and must be able to explain the same to the interviewer.

Accountants must also be prepared for asset accounting interview questions and answers in sap. They need to be aware of asset accounting overview. Also, they must know in detail how asset accounting is used in the management of fixed assets in the SAP system.

They must also be aware of details like the different kinds of assets in SAP. Concepts about group assets and its uses, asset super number in SAP, asset master records etc need to be clear.

Moreover about Accounting interview questions

Accounting is a vast ocean. It is not easy to be an accountant. There are many accounting jobs available. Every industry and every company needs an accountant. So naturally, the demand for accountants is always going to be there. But one needs to be competent enough to get these jobs.

If you are an experienced professional then you are expected to know the different work processes and principles in detail. You have to be able to prove to the interviewer that you are an intelligent accountant who can streamline the accounting department of the company.

If you are a fresher then you need to prove that you are genuinely interested in accounting and that is all that you want in your life. You must be able to prove that you will be an asset to the company.

Though you may not have any work experience you must have complete clarity about the concepts and principles of accounting. You must be able to answer any theoretical questions correctly and with confidence.  Show that you are willing to learn and grow.

Also, you need to have that spark to be an accountant. As far as interview questions go you cannot really predict what the interviewer will ask. But sample questions and answers can surely help you prepare for the interview.