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Advanced Certification in Financial Modeling

January 27, 2015

Financial modeling is a basic level or an introduction to the financial models and Excel concepts. In this course you will be exposed to building your own financial models using modeling techniques.
Coming to Advance Financial Modeling, as the name suggests, will let you take the leap ahead, and explore new techniques in financial modeling. Moreover, finance is considered as the backbone of the industry. Advanced Certification in Financial Modeling (ACFM) helps you analyse financial data better while assessing risk. With application of advanced Financial Modeling, complex data manipulations are solved.

Course Overview:
1) Carve a niche for yourself in the sphere of Finance, as this Accounting and Finance course will enable you to get the most of the financial knowledge that will be shared to you by experts.
2) After the course completion, get 100% job assistance.
3) Get hands-on knowledge in advanced concepts like Private equity, derivative valuations, IPO modeling and other career enhancing skills, which makes this truly a corporate finance course.
4) You can continue education credit points that are required by CFA institute, by getting International recognition through this authorized program.
5) Get certified from Bloomberg Assessment test & IIM Indore Certificate of Excellence.

Career Prospects
ACFM is an Accounting and Finance course that will help you join the band-wagon of the most esteemed plethora of job profiles. Financial Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Business Analyst, Project Finance Analyst, Strategy Executive and Credit Analyst are some of the job profiles that you can look out for after this course. A career in a corporate finance course like Financial Modeling will give you the required impetus you have always wanted for a great career.

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