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MS Excel is one of the most prolific tools being used by most of the businesses around the world. When it comes to data crunching and analysis, it is one of the most popular and easy tools used in the market by the people. Nowadays, most people know about and use Excel in their day to day work though they might be only using its basic functionalities. It is sufficient upto a certain point but if you need to grow ahead in your career then you need to not only know about the advanced functions that Excel provides but be an expert at the same. You can create impressive visuals, charts, graphs and dashboards using advanced excel course. You can extract meaningful information from a dataset using the formulae available with Excel.
Advance Excel Course
Excel spreadsheets are commonly used by businesses to show financial information and other relevant data. They are used across all departments like sales, HR, IT etc.

There are many benefits of advanced Excel course some of which are listed below:

1. Helps in saving time by providing formulae to do calculations which would have consumed a lot of time if done manually.
2. Easy to construct graphs, charts, visuals and dashboards which makes presentation of the data in an easily understandable manner possible.
3. Easy to debug and audit the formulae.
4. Data stored in the excel spreadsheets can be in the form of numbers, texts and images too.
5. Excel spreadsheets are available for online access. So, you can view or download them any time anywhere from your laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. making remote and mobile working possible.
Excel is a very versatile tool and can be used for almost anything that you can imagine: Agendas, Budgets, Calendars, Cards, Charts and Diagrams, Financial Tools, Flyers, Forms, Inventories, Invoices, Lists and to-do checklists, Planners, Plans and proposals, Reports, Schedules, Timesheets, etc.

To be able to use Excel effectively you have to be proficient in all the functions that Excel has to offer. For this, there are many professional advanced Excel course trainings available both offline as well as online. Before we see the list of the advanced Excel course training providers, we ought to know what topics should be covered in this course in order to call oneself an expert in Excel.

The scope of Advanced Excel Course is as below:

Advanced Functions – SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, SUMPRODUCT, LOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, Text Formulae, Circular Referencing, Array Formula,etc
Other Topics – Charting, Macros (VBA), Formatting, Conditional Formatting, Tables, Pivot Tables, Excel Dashboard, etc.


Advanced Excel Course
Following are the ways to learn Excel. Which one you choose depends on your own preferences:


  1. On your own – Jump right into the middle of things and learn as you go. After you have learnt the basics and gained some skills, you can refer some books or attend some professional courses.
  2. From the books – There are many good books available in the market on Excel. You can use the book as your guide to help you to learn Excel. Excel 2013 for Dummies is a good book to start with. Another good book on Excel is the Excel 2016 Bible for all.
  3. From training institutes – There are many training institutes like EduPristine,,, etc available who run excellent offline as well as online courses on Excel. You can join any institute to become an expert in Excel. Most of these institutes have their own in-house developed content, videos, recordings, case studies, learning materials, etc to help their students master the nuances of Excel.
  4. A mentor – A mentor is an invaluable resource because a mentor may know tips and tricks that might not be mentioned anywhere in a book or a training course.

Some of the best training institutes that provide Advanced Excel course are:

  • – EduPristine offers both offline and online Advance Excel course to professionals as well as students. In the classroom training, it provides 70 hours of  training, live webinars, videos, access to course materials, case studies and certificate of excellence post examination. In online training you get live webinars for 8 days, videos, access to course materials, case studies and certificate of excellence. For more information on the same checkout the Edupristine website.
  • – offers online training to professionals and students both. The training is conducted by Purna Duggirala who is a Microsoft Excel MVP. The Advanced excel course duration is 8 weeks of active learning with 6 months of online membership. You get access to course material, lesson plans, videos, case studies and examples, class project assignments, etc.
  • – or Peltier Technical Services provides training in advanced Excel topics. It is run by its founder Jon Peltier who is a Microsoft Excel MVP. He conducts classroom trainings on charting and VBA especially.


So, to conclude, use the mode that suits you the best and improves your understanding. Invest in the right method and practice a lot and get recognition at work for Excel skills.