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Being one of the largest authorized preparation providers in India has its benefits. You get to interact with many students and help them on their career aspirations. A good 40% of the students who approach us are candidates who are gathering information about the different career options available to them as a finance professional. Counseling them is thus a part of our interactions with students.

The best career decisions taken are those which are well informed. In our effort to provide as much information to students about the different options available, this is one such post. We hope to cover any and all doubts that candidates have about this certification. As one of the largest authorized provider for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification by GARP in India, Pristine is more than happy to provide this information. If this is of any help to you, then I would consider this effort well worth the trouble!

Basic Information about the FRM Certification

  • If you want to know more about FRM certification, then you should first head on to our page on the FRM program. On this page you would find the structure of the exam, the certificate requirements (to get FRM Chartered), the fees for both the parts. This information has been taken from GARP’s website (
  • For students who are confused between the variety of different certifications, we have put together two different posts comparing CFA v/s FRM, and FRM v/s PRM
  • For working professionals who are concerned about the career prospects of FRM, we have put together a slide presentation here. For more actionable tips and job postings, I would suggest that you subscribe to our Newsletter.

FRM Preparation Strategy

  • Before you jump into your FRM Preparations, it is best that you plan out your preparations using our FRM Planner
  • To plan your studies, you also need to know the topic-wise allocation in both the exams
  • Once your FRM Preps are in full swing, then it helps to keep a check on them on a regular basis

I hope this will definitely aid your FRM preparations. All the best!!