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Announcement: June 2013 CFA Exam Results Declared

July 26, 2013

CFA June, 2013 Exam results are finally in hand with a good passing rate.

June 2013 Exam Pass Rates

  • Level 1 – 38%
  • Level 2 – 43%

(Results as stated on the CFA site; URL: )

Note: you can also access your result from the above URL

CFA Exam Results

CFA charter is a professional certification that is globally recognized and offered by CFA institute initially known as AIMR. It is a financial acknowledgement for professionals with investment analysis skills, understanding of global marketplace, and portfolio management attributes. In order to credit this charter in your skills the candidate has to adhere to certain guidelines and norms of the CFA institute (stated on ) and also complete the CFA program that constitutes three levels of the CFA exam i.e. LEVEL I, II and III sequentially. These CFA exams are conducted in the month of June and December.

  • Candidates with this credential in hand are worldwide reputed for their financial and investments analysis skills and their strengths and standards of hard work and robustness in their financial careers. CFA charter holders have made strides all across the globe that too within all financial sectors one can think of. About 104408 CFA charter holders spread across the world have swept almost all financial areas including 22% Portfolio managers, 16% Research Analyst, 5% Financial Advisor and many more (figures as of December 2012, mentioned on CFA site; URL: ). Such professionals are employed by some of the top employers of the world that include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney etc.

EduPristine, certified by the CFA institute and various other financial institutions like GARP etc. is one of the leading International Finance Training Provider. It specializes in providing CFA Level I and II online as well as classroom training. EduPristine Classroom Training programs cover most of the major areas of the world like US, Middle East, Singapore, and many more.

The online course offered by EduPristine is a collection of hundreds of recordings, Study material and 24×7 online assistance in guiding you through the course and its curriculum. We also offer certain free course materials and introductory modules that help you steer through the initial stages of the CFA and other exam preparations.

Along with CFA we also provide training for other financial programs like FRM, PRM, Business Analytics and certain courses that can help you enhance your financial skills like Financial Modeling, Excel for CPA etc.

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