Hello learners,

We know many of you have been curiously seeking answers to the SEMrush Holi Quiz. Here you go:

  • Engagement is the key to a successful website. What factors affect your website engagement the most?
  • Ans: Interactive tools like quizzes, videos, blogs, etc.

  • Google is processing a very large fraction of queries using artificial intelligence. What is the AI called?
  • Ans: RankBrain

  • What’s the most evident advantage of mobile marketing over desktop marketing?
  • Ans: More screen time and usage window

  • One major drawback of having your website pages AMP enabled is:
  • Ans: The visitors remain on Google’s servers

  • Maximizing profits through offering low-priced products and cross selling is a renowned phenomenon. It is called?
  • Ans: Tripwire marketing

  • For which match keyword is the syntax “ “ used while creating Ad groups?
  • Ans: Phrase Match

  • Which Bidding Strategy would you use to overpower your competitors with a higher ad rank?
  • Ans: Target Outranking Share

  • In your AdWord extensions, can you include sitelinks that land outside your website?
  • Ans: Yes, you can link it to sitelinks that land outside your website but to your business pages.

  • Which SEMrush tool analyzes top-10 articles, based on the keyword you entered, and gives you ideas on the semantically related words you should include in your new content to make it rank high in Google?
  • Ans: SEO Content Template

  • Which SEMrush tool automatically analyzes your blog content and segments it to 4 categories: rewrite, update, review, poor content?
  • Ans: Content Analyzer

  • Which SEMrush tool provides you the top questions people ask in web and forums about a particular topic?
  • Ans: Topic Research

  • What is the most expensive keyword for the Travel industry in Maharashtra? Find the answer here: https://www.semrush.com/cpc-map/
  • Ans: “corporate travel services”, CPC ₹757.17

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this colorful activity. We will be back with something similar very soon.

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