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Ever wondered what will happen to your Facebook account after you die??? We are sure you didn’t as you have better things to do. But while you were doing your better things, Facebook came up with a solution for this problem which is known as ‘Legacy Contacts’. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can actually handover your Facebook account to someone else after you die just like your every other asset (or liability).

Facebook recently announced this new feature wherein you can choose someone to manage your account after you die. It can be your spouse, friend, relative or anyone you trust. Though they won’t be able to see your messages but they can post on your page, change your profile picture and can accept the friend requests (Yes you do get them after you die).

How to setup the Legacy Contact

1. Open the settings menu and go into the security option. At the bottom of the page you will find the option of Legacy Contact.

Setting up legacy contact in Facebook
2. After selecting the option of Legacy Contact, you shall see a screen wherein the terms shall be mentioned. After reading you can click on Choose Legacy Contact.

Choosing the legacy contact in facebook
3. After choosing your legacy contact, you shall have an option of sending the message to that person.

Sending the message to legacy contact
4. You can give access to the archive of your posts, photos and profile information to your legacy contact and they can download this information if they want.

Data Archive access to legacy contact in Facebook
Incase of your unfortunate death, your legacy contact will have to inform Facebook and submit a memorialization request. After approval from Facebook, your legacy contact can manage your account.

We hope that nobody finds a reason to use this feature in the future.