We have been discussing the process of building assumptions for the last two days. Today we share with you, our view on the future drivers for Facebook. We release our Assumption Layout for Facebook valuation.

Caution! These are views and perceptions. Your’s could be way different from mine! But I would like to hear yours! Speak up!

Completed Assumptions for Valuing FB?

Recap of the steps in getting the Assumptions in place

Assumptions are modeled by taking in view the following,

  • The historical drivers
  • Using Management Discussion Analysis (S1)
  • Other public and non-public, non-material information

I am sure if you tried hard, you would have got the “Right” assumptions. Let’s discuss the issues on our Assumption Layout for Facebook valuation

Next Step

Now that we have the assumptions ready, we focus on projecting financial statement (P/L & B/S) of Facebook. Tomorrow we start with the unfilled template to project the financial statements of Facebook.

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