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(A) CFA Program Charter Holders: CFA Program Charter Holders are employed across a spectrum of organizations.
Just like other professionals, their salaries depend not only on factors like experience, position etc. but also on the attributes of the organization they are working with; like size, type, annual revenue and so on.

Following are the key factors that determine the compensation:

  • Experience As per global statistics, in 2009, Financial Analysts with 0-1 year of experience have a average salary of USD-51,282. Intermediates with 1-4 years of experience get an average of USD-62,567 and senior people with f5-9 years earn USD-90,335 per annum. USD-121,017 is the median salary for Financial Analysts with 10 to 19 years of experience, and the highest average salary is bagged by those with 20 or more years of experience, pocketing about USD-149,017.
  • Position As per statistics, the highest paid CFA Program Charter Holders in 2009 worked as Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and got a average salary of USD-141,544. Finance Vice Presidents fall next in line, with USD-131,133 a year. Portfolio Managers earn USD-99,541 while Financial/Security/Investments Analysts earn about USD-70,108. Senior Financial Analysts earn USD-80,554. Finance and Banking Analysts earn USD-62,490. The lowest paid category of CFA Program Charter Holders in 2009 was the Financial Analysts who earn USD-59,381 annually.
  • Organization Domain Financial Analysts work for a variety of organizations and receive different compensation. In 2009, Financial Analysts who work as contractors had the lowest average salary at USD-50,400. Those who work for foundations or trusts got relatively more at USD-77,437 per annum and hospitals pay USD-78,001 a year.
    Private firms, general companies, and universities paid FAs an average of USD-80,617, USD-84,792, and USD-86,400 respectively. Self-employed Financial Analysts had an average salary of USD-90,000, NPOs/NGOs shelled an average salary of USD-90,691, and schools or school districts gave an about USD-98,264. Franchises and other organizations threw in the highest median amounts for Financial Analysts at USD-100,000 and USD-110,592 annually. The government salary for Financial Analysts falls in the middle of all the employers, with state and local governments paying USD-76,041 and the federal government paying USD-78,467.
  • Organization size Based on figures, there is variation in salaries for Financial Analysts in regard to the size of the organization. In 2009, the smallest companies with 0-9 employees, had the lowest average salaries for their Financial Analysts, paying USD-75,756. Companies with 10-49 employees, 50-199 employees, and 200-599 employees had CFA Program salaries amounting to USD-83,144, USD-85,649, and USD-97,579 respectively. Large firms with 600-1,999 employees paid FAs USD-100,980 annually, and those with 2,000 to 4,999 employees paid USD-82,571. Financial Analysts at big-fish cos with 5,000-19,999 employees earned a salary of USD-90,807. As expected, highest paid Financial Analysts worked with even larger companies employing 20,000-499,999. These FAs earned USD-101,940 annually.
  • Organization Sales/Revenue CFA Program Charter Holders working for companies with less than USD-500,000 in revenue earned the lowest median salaries in 2009. These Financial Analysts were paid USD-70,468. Other Financial Analysts working for companies with revenue between USD-501,000 and USD-1,999,000 earned a salary of USD-82,122. The salaries for Financial Analysts working for companies with revenue of USD-10 million to USD-99 million and USD-100 million to USD-499 million earned similar salaries of USD-130,180 and USD-132,500 respectively. Companies with annual revenue of two billion or more had salaries for their FAs of USD-104,000.

    Here are the statistics specific to India :

Median Salary by Job – Certification: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) (India)

Median Salary by Job

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