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(B) Risk Managers – PRM | FRM Holders

Here we will continue our analysis regarding the mean compensation for PRM | FRM holders. (See previous blog for salary analysis of CFA Program Charter Holders)

As we pointed out in the previous post, the salary figures can vary dramatically based compensable factors such as employer size, industry, employee credentials, years of experience and others.

As per data, the average salary of Risk Manages in U.S is about $94,606 per annum. The pay range, however is quite wide and varies from $80,000 to $111,000:

Both PRMIA and GARP also provide a platform for their respective charter holders to help them avail some of the best job oportunities currently open in the market.

For more informtion visit:

a) GARP Career Center:

b) PRMIA Jobs:

Following are the statistics provided by for average salary of PRM Certification holders:

The average salary comes out to be about $69,000.

Regarding FRM Certification holders, these are the figures as per

The average is around $89,000. As mentioned earlier, the salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and additional benefits which the employer provides.

One important thing to note here is that with the current global economic scenario showing signs of recovery, this is the right time to go for financial certifications. By the time the candidates receive their certifications, the
economy would hopefully attain its pre-crisis vigor, which would in turn lead to a pressing need for finance experts and salary figures previously unheard of.