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Do you have a deep interest in finance?

Are you intrigued by the world of research?

if yes, a financial research analyst job may be just the right fit for you. Let us take a deeper look at the role of a financial research analyst in a company and how to become one yourself!

What Does a Financial Research Analyst Do?

As the name suggests, research analysts conduct research on various companies and offer customized advice to businesses.

Their duties and responsibilities include the following:

    1. Study the financial statements of a company or business and draw a conclusion regarding its net worth.
    2. Manage funds and financial portfolios.
    3. Alert the company regarding any risks in investments.
    4. They are usually employed by investment banks, security firms, or mutual funds that are looking to make an investment.
    5. Up-to-date with the latest software and capable of predicting the financial future of the field they specialize in like healthcare, banking, or real estate.
    6. Monitor and manage stocks and offer sound advice to their employers regarding whether to sell or to invest.
    7. Ensure that traders comply with risk management protocols.
    8. Preparation of financial reports and investment recommendations.


How do you become a financial research analyst?

The first step in your journey to becoming a financial research analyst is to complete your graduation or be in the final year of graduation.

One of the best courses to join if you intend to become a financial research analyst are as follows:

1.Chartered Financial Accountant (CFA) course 

This postgraduate degree course is tailor-made for those with a passion for finance and investments. It gives a great career boost to any future financial research analyst.

In order to achieve this degree, a candidate must pass Level I, II, and III exams.

Edupristine is a reputed training institute for the CFA program in India with certified trainers. Moreover, it is internationally recognized by the American CFA Institute. There are three modes of learning available: live online classes, classroom training, and self-study packages.

2. Financial Risk Manager (FRM) course:

This course is a great stepping stone to your journey to becoming a financial research analyst. It will help you learn how to identify credit, liquidity, and market risks along with financial risks.

Edupristine’s FRM certification and training is renowned and authorized. Whether it is through virtual lessons or classroom training, this FRM course will greatly benefit your career in the field of finance.

3.Financial modeling (FM) course:

Financial modeling is a much-coveted skill in this day and age. As an aspiring equity research analyst, you require this training to fine-tune your Excel proficiency. It will also teach you to demonstrate income statements, cash-flow statements, and balance sheets efficiently.

Edupristine has a highly recommended FM course that will hone your skills and make you an expert at creating financial models independently. Edupristine’s FM course is completely flexible, student-oriented, and stress-free. However, it is well-planned and structured for students to understand concepts and retain what they have learned.

A career as a research analyst can be deeply fulfilling and exciting for those with an ingrained love for finance. Consider these great options from Edupristine as a doorway to the world of finance.

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