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Being present on all the Social Media Platforms and getting business out of none is just like jumping in the pool when you can’t swim. In both the cases you have taken the wrong decision of jumping into something when you had no idea what is to be done after that.

Joining Social Media Platforms only because everyone else is present on it is not going to help your business so make sure that the platform you choose to promote your brand meets the requirement of your brand. So how will you know which platform is right for your brand?? Well you can carry out your research, conduct surveys or simply keep reading this blog. I think the third option is more convenient so here we go:


Facebook is the most popular social media platform boasting 1.44 billion users worldwide. Facebook is suitable for all types of businesses but if you are into B2C marketing then it’s the best for you as it can help you in lead generation as well. Alexander Ruggie, PR Director at 911 Restoration says, “If we were limited to one social media platform then we would likely choose to go with Facebook. This is for many reasons including, the number of active users, the functionality of the platform, the ability to promote posts, target specific sub-groups of the population and to remarket to them later on through other means.”


Twitter is the best option if you are into B2B marketing provided you avoid the commonly made mistakes Kenzi Lindamood, Marketing Manager of Stirista LLC says, “If I had to promote our brand on just one social platform, it would beTwitter. If we were a B2C company we would use Facebook more often, but for B2B prospects Twitter tends to be more successful. It’s easy to share content quickly to large audiences and their advertizing targeting is on point. Most people tend to have business accounts on Twitter either for their company or to build their professional brand, so it’s much easier to get our message out to our target audience.”


If you want to target young audience within the age group of 16-30 then Instagram can be the best choice provided you are running an image friendly business like fashion, food, architecture, designing etc. Olivia Grist of The Healthiness Project feels that Instagram is the best she says “Instagram allows the most freedom in my opinion. Where Facebook controls who sees your posts and when, Instagram works in real time. It doesn’t take a certain amount of likes or clicks to be made more available. You also have the option of bringing an older image back out, by using new hashtags on it. You can use hashtags to reach people everywhere, without having to be “friends” with them first. Instagram also allows the option of private messaging, so it basically does everything the other social media sites do in the most convenient way.”


If your brand is niche and you are planning to target only the like minded professionals then LinkedIn is best for you. Abigail Wurf who helps professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners affected by ADHD to achieve success feels that LinkedIn is the best platform for her she says “My clients are educated and affluent entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners who do some research before they commit. They want to know that I am certified, educated and work with clients successfully on the issues they are struggling with.”


Got too many videos to show off??? Youtube is the best place for you. Randy Mitchelson, the Vice President of sales and marketing at iPartnerMedia a company that provides Total Digital Marketing Solution tells us 4 reasons why Youtube is the best:

1. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google.

2. YouTube is owned by Google and hence gets great organic search value.

3. Video is one of the highest forms of engaging content – very consumable.

4. I can use video to create an education channel to teach small business
owners about all the free marketing they can do for themselves and also
teach them tips about choosing a marketing company to work with.


If you are into something that involves a lot of images then what is better than Pinterest. For example, if you are into fashion then let your images do all the talking. Lisa Chu, the owner of formal kidswear company Black N Bianco says “If I can only use one social media platform to promote my brand I would definitely pick Pinterest. Pinterest would be my personal choice for my business because it lets my photos do the promoting. People love to share cute photos of kids dressed up in a little suit or dress. Pinterest provides me the best opportunity to reach the biggest audience simply through images. Unlike other social media platforms witty comments and interesting news play a larger part in getting your post shared and liked. Without Pinterest I cannot see my business thrive let alone survive.”

Effective Social Media Platform

We are not asking you to just use a single platform for promoting your brand but to select the right mix that suits the profile of your brand. Hopefully this article will help you in choosing the right medium and expanding your business. If you have any queries or suggestions, do mention them in the comments box below.