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If you’re looking for a job as a business analyst, you must’ve come across listings that say Business Analyst in IT industry, Business Analyst in Health sector, Business Analyst in _____. A very common thing.

Due to the extensive use of business analytics in various industries, it has become quite common to list business analytics jobs with a suffix of the industry. What does this mean to a fresher?

Lots of Business Analytics Jobs

First things first. The increasing number of business analytics jobs is something to be happy about. Sure the industry experience/knowledge is a little discouraging but hey, everyone has to start somewhere.
Even experienced BAs move from industry to industry, so industry domain is not much to worry about as long as you possess the core competency skills. Which are provided through our Business Analytics course.

Core Competencies:

If you’re looking for Business Analytics Jobs, you either have no prior exposure to the field, a “fresher” or an experienced individual.

If you’re a fresher, before jumping into the technologies or softwares, you should understand the basics of analytics, the actual science behind it. Once equipped with this knowledge, most of the entry level business analytics jobs will provide you with the required training in Technologies, you will automatically develop the domain knowledge of the industry, over the time. Sometimes, not having industry domain knowledge/experience can actually be the good side, if you play it correctly.

Many experienced individuals have industry domain knowledge but often lack in keeping up with the latest developments in the analytics field, be it the techniques of the analysis or the technologies in analytics. They often get stuck in their ways, if you can display your knowledge with respect to the changes happening in the field currently, you have a fighting chance to get that job.