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Information technology, automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and other evergrowing technological advancements has raised the volume of data in business organizations. Technological transformation and excessive use of internet have enhanced the complexity of data in the past couple of years. This data is of no use and is a liability for your company until it is clearly understood, analyzed, presented and utilized optimally.

The exponential growth of data has derived the need for Business Intelligence (BI) and other analytical tools for data analysis and resolving big data issues across the industries. One of the important components of data analysis is Data Visualization.

Data visualization is simply a presentation of data in a visual form so that it becomes easy to understand. When it comes to data visualization in a business entity, Tableau is the first name that comes to mind as it provides the best visuals and more customization. It is a big name in the data visualization software industry as it is backed by a huge customer base.
It can be deployed on on-premise hosted or cloud infrastructure. It can be accessed on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Let’s understand what Tableau exactly is?

It is business intelligence tool that helps in data visualization by providing an instinctive user interface. It is a data analytics and business intelligence platform that helps both individuals and business entities to visualize and understand data in order to make better and effective decisions with it.  With the help of it, you can analyze data and can produce interactive dashboards, graphs, reports and beautiful graphs in minutes.

It lets you see and understand data in a useful and beautiful manner. With the help of it, data visualization becomes simple, fast and easy to be understood even by the people from the nontechnical background.  It is one of the trusted data visualization tools that facilitate in gaining business insights. Software download on your mobile gives you a chance to analyze data anywhere and anytime.


Product of tableausource

  • Tableau Desktop

You can import data from various sources (viz. spreadsheets, data warehouses) and can create interactive dashboards, workbooks and displays information in multiple views. It facilitates data exploration and produces beautiful dashboards.

  • Tableau Online

It is hosted in the cloud, therefore, no server and hardware are required to be maintained.  It can be easily accessed by a browser or through a mobile app. You can publish and share dashboards with your peers, partners, co-workers etc. and discover hidden insights with authentic data and interactive visuals.

  • Tableau Server

Dashboard & workbooks created in tableau desktop can be shared by using tableau server. It can be deployed securely on both platforms- on-premises or in the cloud. Data can be published and shared as live connections. With Tableau server, you can access real-time content and gain insights.

  • Tableau Public

It is a free version and anyone can access it. It allows users to create, share and publish dashboards, graphs, maps, charts etc. anywhere on the internet without any cost.

  • Tableau Reader

It is another free of cost desktop application. It facilitates users to discover, filter and drill down the data.


It is basically used for rapid-fire BI and data analysis.

Some of the advantages are shared below. Hope you will get a clear answer to this question.
advantage of tableau

  • Excellent Data Visualization

Data visualization becomes easy and powerful with the use of tableau. It helps you to discover new opportunities and hidden insights from your data.

  • Better User-Interface

It is easy to use and facilitates excellent user experience. It provides a user-friendly user interface that everyone can use without any knowledge of coding.

  • Integration

It integrates with various data sources/ platforms like Hadoop, R, and Python to perform analytical operations more effectively.

  • Easy analysis of big data

It is capable of managing big data problems with ease. This is the reason that Tableau has an edge over its competitors.

  • Mobile Support

The excellent mobile support has led to more adaptability by customers towards the mobile app.

  • Upgradation is easy

It offers easy upgrade service and this is the reason that maximum customers use its upgraded version.

  • No Hidden cost

It’s solutions are cost effective and are available at a comparatively low price with no hidden cost.

  • Excellent Customer service

It delivers better service experiences, value and customer support which shows its level of commitment towards customers.


Price is clear and transparent with no hidden costs. It also allows free trails.

Pricing is as follows-

  •         For individuals- $70USD/month/billed annually
  •         For organizations and teams-
  •         On-Premises or public cloud (Deploy with tableau server)

‐          Tableau creator- $70USD/month/billed annually

‐          Tableau Explorer- $35USD/month/billed annually

‐          Tableau Viewer-  $12USD/month/billed annually

  •         Fully hosted (Deploy with tableau online)

‐          Tableau Explorer- $42USD/month/billed annually

‐          Tableau Viewer-  $15USD/month/billed annually


How to Learn

Learning this will let you create and publish interactive and beautiful visuals without the help of an IT professional or programmer. It can be learned with the help of various tutorials videos available on internet viz. tutorials pdf and tutorial Tableau for students is available for free. Free products can also help in gaining an insight into this software.

However, end numbers of BI tools are available in the market but Tableau is considered the best as it has made data analysis more powerful. The main objective of all the data visualization software is to present right data to the right people in right time in order to generate deep insights in them and with tableau; it becomes more effective and easy.

It provides a user-friendly interface to solve big data problems by turning them into opportunities. As it is a revolutionary data analytics tool you can prepare your business mind with tableau and take your business to the new heights.