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Can You Tell Me About The CMA USA?

Ever wondered what is CMA USA and how does it help working professionals? Let’s discuss the CMA course information, CMA course subjects, and CMA course eligibility. Today we will cover CMA course full details and how does it help management professionals. Let’s quickly get started. The CMA USA or US CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant and has recently gained a lot of popularity among students having a Commerce background. This course is mainly for all the aspirants who wish to stand out from the competition and make it big in their career. Choosing the US CMA as a career option is a great idea and let us understand why?

Why US CMA is a Great Career Choice:

  1. The US CMA as a designation is considered as the highest credential available in the field of management accounting, which is recognized across the globe. Having a US CMA certification under your belt ensures that you are well versed with Management Accounting and Finance Management concepts.
  2. The best part about the US CMA course is that it is a short-term course and can be easily completed within a year’s time. It helps to make a shift from a clerical role towards a more strategic role.
  3. The US CMA certified professionals are provided with excellent career opportunities in India as well as abroad, as we mentioned earlier that US CMA is globally recognized. According to a survey conducted by IMA, the candidates who are US CMA certified earn much higher in comparison to their peers who are not certified.
  4. The US CMA-certified candidates also get a chance to work with the large Multinational companies and the Big 4’s in India as the majority of the companies in India today are US-based Multinational companies.
  5. The candidates with US CMA certification achieve higher positions in companies in comparison to those candidates who select alternate paths. The US CMA certification also leads to much faster and easier promotions and advancement in their career, which ultimately leads to greater job security.

These are a few reasons why students prefer US CMA among many other accounting courses.

Let us now compare US CMA with CMA India and CIMA- UK: 



CMA India 







6 months-1 year 

3 years 

2-4 years 

No. of papers 

2 papers 

20 papers 

16 papers 

Difficulty level 

Single level 


Management Accountancy 

Cost Accountancy 

Management Accountancy 

Now that we have a better idea of what US CMA is all about, let us also have a look at the CMA course subjects:

The best part about pursuing the US CMA course is that it has just two parts covering 12 competencies.

Part one is all about: Financial planning, Performance, and Analytics. It further includes-

  1. External Financial Reporting Decisions
  2. Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 
  3. Performance Management 
  4. Cost Management 
  5. Internal Controls 
  6. Technology and Analytics

What are the Benefits of Doing the CMA Course?

Part two is all about: Strategic Financial Management. It further includes-

  1. Financial Statement Analysis 
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Decision Analysis
  4. Risk Management
  5. Investment Decisions
  6. Professional Ethics 

This is exactly what you will be learning under the US CMA course. You must now be curious and must be wanting to know about the eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. You must hold a bachelor’s degree, or a professional accounting certification is required.
  2. Two years of professional experience is mandatory in the field of Management Accounting or Financial Management.
  3. Successful completion of Part 1 and 2 of the US CMA course examination.
  4. Active membership of IMA. (Institute of Management Accountants)

The US CMA course grants you the power to take important decisions among leaders and the business drivers which are related to the organizations and thus make you the most integral part of the system. The designation that may be offered to you after completing the US CMA course are as follows:

  1. Financial Controller
  2. CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  3. Finance Manager 
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Financial Risk Manager
  6. Cost Accountant

CMA Course FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

CMA Course FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the US CMA qualification help me go abroad?Ans: Absolutely yes, US CMA can open doors globally as it is recognized in India as well as abroad. 
  2. How much can I earn after completing the US CMA course?Ans: The average salary that you can earn after completing the US CMA course can be around 5 Lakhs per annum, which may go up to 8 Lakhs per annum completely depending on your ability to ace the interview and depends on your skillset too. 
  3. Can I work and study too?Ans: Yes, you can. The classes at EduPristine are designed keeping in mind the working professionals. The classes are conducted over the weekends so that you can work during weekdays and upskill during the weekends. 
  4. In how much time can I complete the US CMA examinations?Ans: If studied dedicatedly, then the US CMA examinations can be completed within 6 months. Depends on your work schedule too. On average, it takes around 6 months to a year to complete the course. However, IMA gives you up to 3 years to complete both parts.
  5. Can I get any exemptions? Ans: Since there are just two papers that need to be attempted, no exemptions are offered.

We hope that all your doubts related to the US CMA course are now cleared. It&rsquo’s now time for you to upskill and upgrade yourself as the next Certified Management Accountant. Are you ready to be the next CFO?