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Career Options after completing CPA

If you are planning to make a career in accounting then taking up CPA can do wonders for you. It will not only give your career the much required boost but also provide you with a lot of global opportunities. A CPA qualification is similar to the Indian CA qualification but in addition to the CA qualification, a CPA will have knowledge of US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAS), US federal taxation and business laws which will give them an edge over the CAs.

Career Options after completing CPA

Apart from auditing and financial planning there are areas too which a CPA can target and some of them are below:

Forensic Accounting

Carrying out investigation for the white collar crimes like fraud, money laundering, bribery etc requires the expert knowledge of a CPA. Forensic Accountants are the experts that help the organizations in the money matters ranging from economic crimes to contract disputes, and then often help see the case through as an expert witness in court.

International Accounting

As mentioned above, being a CPA opens the door to a lot of global opportunities. As an international accounting manager, you’ll be looking after foreign trade agreements, international business transactions, and other global financial and economic issue.

Environmental Accounting

If you have an inclination towards the environment preservation then you can contribute towards the cause as a CPA too. You can get into environmental accounting. As an Environmental Auditor you’ll ensure compliance with environmental laws through audits that are aimed at minimizing liability and identifying opportunities for more sustainable operating practices.

Academics & Research

Do you like to share your knowledge with others? Well then teaching is the best option for you. After completing CPA you can easily make a teaching profession by teaching any of the subjects from Accounting, Taxation, Audit, Ethics, Business Application etc. You can work as a full time or a part time faculty in educational institutions.

Information Technology

IT too has a lot of career prospects for CPAs. You can work as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and look after the IT governance or you can work as a Software Revenue Manager that works as a link between the IT team and the finance department.

General Accounting

One of the most common and yet very important career path is to get into general accounting. Here you’ll be responsible for all the accounting activities of the organization from making of financial statements to valuing stocks and making critical decisions.

Tax Accounting

CPAs are considered to have expert knowledge about taxation and therefore the demand for them in the taxation field is growing. You can work as a tax specialist, sales tax specialist or international tax manager or any other profile related to taxation.

Salary after CPA

Salary after CPA

Below you can find the details of the salary of CPA from different perspectives like Job Title, Years of Experience and Company Size

CPA salary by Employer Type

If you are getting a job in the government federal unit then you can ask for nothing more. Your salary when you work for other employers can range from $55000 to $73000.

CPA salary by employer type

CPA salary by work experience

Like every other field, in accounting too the more experience you have higher will be the salary you’ll be drawing. So start right away to gain more experience and a higher salary.

CPA salary by experience

CPA salary by Cities

When it comes to cities in USA, the CPAs of NewYork, Los Angeles and San Fransisco earn the highest salary. In other cities you may earn somewhere around $60,000 to $70,000

CPA salary by cities

Salary Source – Payscale

So are you impressed by the numbers and the job prospects? Well then the next step is to enroll in a good institution that provides training for CPA and you don’t need to far to search for it, EduPristine provides training for the CPA certification that will help you to clear the CPA exams easily. So wait no more and enroll now.

The career prospects after the US CPA course are huge. US CPA is an international certification program in accounting and provides you with lucrative job opportunities in India as well as abroad. The professional course in accounting trains the candidate for all the possible roles in the accounting industry right from the skills for an accountant to skills for auditing, skills for business valuations, skills for tax accounting, etc. Candidates who wish to have their own firm or practice by themselves are also encouraged once they have obtained a US CPA license and the required number of years of experience.

The US CPA course consists of only four exams which can be easily completed in a span of 12 months. But to prepare and clear all these four exams in a year, the candidate needs professional guidance. They need assistance from mentors who can guide them about how to prepare for the exam and how much time to dedicate to a particular topic or section. If you enroll with an Institution, they can help you with your registration process for the US CPA course. They also guide students with the US CPA license process. To know more about the US CP course details like the US CPA course eligibility, US CPA course fees, etc, contact our counsellors. 

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