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India is growing fast as a corporate hub and hence, career in marketing is becoming very benefiting(after B.Com too). A career in marketing involves analytics of current market scenario, intensive market research, formulating marketing strategies for business, structuring of techniques to increase profitability and business development, strategizing awareness campaigns, recording customer’s response.

Marketing is considered as the most crucial element and it is responsible for growth of every company. No matter if the business is small or private limited company or has limited financial capabilities or a strong financial back up, marketing efficiency will be able to help to make an impact and help business sustain in the marketplace and earn suitable profits.

According to LinkedIn, Marketing campaign management and Digital Marketing(SEO/SEM Marketing to be precise) are two of the top 5 hottest skill that will get you hired in 2016

Marketing industry is very dynamic in nature and is always introducing new trends. It helps businesses to maintain and strengthen relationship with their customers by communicating with them through various medium. This industry’s dynamic nature presents a lot of opportunities to the professionals who are creative and have a knack for strategy. The various job opportunities under marketing profile include- marketing managers, market analysts, sales managers, digital marketing executives and managers, social media managers etc. Without further introduction to marketing, let’s see what courses can you take in order to make a career in Marketing.


MBA – Marketing

An MBA in Marketing has become one of the most desired degrees in respect to both students and employers in past few years. With the entrance and development of digital media and online marketing, most companies and businesses now prefer to have their own in-house marketing teams which look after all the tasks like maintaining customer relations, bringing traffic to websites, market research, retention and engagement.

While marketing has a number of specific areas, an MBA in marketing course doesn’t limit the scholar to only marketing careers alone. The learnings and skills acquired can be applied in dozens of other career options like Marketing Consultant to Entrepreneurial Management.

MBA in marketing educates the students about sales, marketing fields, executive and leadership management skills, consumer trends, market strategies, product management and market research in different industries.

MBA is usually a 2-year degree program. You can choose the one of your favorites and interested specialization out of the finance, marketing, HR, OM etc.

However, to get admission into any college or university one must have a Bachelor degree with a minimum aggregate of 50%(This a general criteria. There are institutes which accepts admissions of students with < 50% score too) .

There are many reputed colleges and institute in India to pursue Masters of Business in Marketing from. However, to get into these institute a candidate has to clear an entrance exam and an interview.

The list includes:

Here is the full list of colleges that provide Master’s Degree in India.

PGDM in Advertising Communication

PGDM in Advertising Communication is a program which is provided by various colleges and recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). By the end of this program, every student will gain a comprehensive view of how to identify a marketing issue and plan a communication program using a prudent mix of traditional and innovative media to address it.

There are many colleges across the country which provide PGDM in advertising communication. However, we recommend the following 5 institutes:

Digital Marketing

As the world is getting more and more digitized in every respect, Digital Marketing is a booming career option today. With striking features like cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, Digital Marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. Especially, the start-ups prefer going digital to market their brand, products and services. Today ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Marketing’ both are becoming synonymous.

On Glassdoor’s recent list of the best jobs for work-life balance, marketing positions occupied six of 25 slots. Digital marketing careers are not only in-demand; they could also be the key to having a life outside of work.

The world is now online. This has made digital marketing channels and social media the most widespread, interactive and essential of all modern marketing tools. Any effective marketing campaign will include them in its strategy.

  • As the name suggests, digital marketing can be termed as or defined as an approach, a strategy, or a branding and marketing exercise using digital platforms. Digital Marketing is the promotion of your brand, product or service online.
  • It is believed that Digital Marketing is now the most important part of the marketing mix. It has grown rapidly in the past few years as more and more businesses are realizing the importance of a good online presence.
  • Digital Marketing includes many advertising channels including SEO, email marketing, social Media marketing, pay per click advertising, Google AdWords, mobile marketing.

According to payscale, the median salary of a Digital Marketing Manager is over INR 450,000.



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All companies and industries requires qualified marketing executives who can take charge of the company’s marketing team and take company to the peak of success. One can join depending upon the skill assessment as a Marketing Executive and can become a Marketing Manager within a short span of time depending upon his/her knowledge and experience.

The students with MBA marketing from reputed institutes often get to choose the company, they wish to work with. They can go into diverse fields like Business development manager, Channel sales executive or manager in any FMCG company like HUL. There are numerous marketing jobs in FMCG sector with excellent salaries and perks. They can even go for IT Industry. The outsourcing business in IT sector solely depends upon the capability of sales and marketing teams.

Listed below table describe the salary structure with the respected job profiles.

It is good if you get good marks in B.COM, but what if you don’t? What do you do? There are plenty of career options and courses available after B.COM even if you have scored less in the exam. Many students go to pursue M.COM after B.COM. Master degree in Commerce is a very good option for career. Some of M.COM students also can’t understand what will be the next. After M.COM, graduates can pursue some courses that will surely help them to kick-start their career. I hope you like the article and found this article helpful. If you have any doubt relating to Company Secretary Details, please comment below.