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Social media is the most trending thing as of now. It has built up drastically and taken over the world in a snap. It is growing faster than the speed of light. It has the world captivated and hooked to it. This serves as an advantage for us. We can use the social media platform to reach out to billions in a go.

Its even cooler to have a job in social media marketing .You need to check out these fabulous reasons as to why you should take us social media marketing as a career.

Reasons why a person should take up social media marketing:


No extensive Exhaustive hours of work

var b=["You are actually chilling, not even working", "You don't have a monotonous set of work,
it is actually interesting ", "You might be the next big thing on social media ", "No confinement while working. Work from anywhere ", "All you need is a good network connection
and an average working device", "You attract people faster than magnets attract iron ", "On days you don't feel like working you can keep
chatting with your friends and no one even knows", "It's not work it actually feels like entertainment", "24 X 7 access, so you can work
wherever and whenever you want ", "You can get people hooked to your work ", "You can surf the internet the whole day ", "You will learn every day ", "You keep learning about your customers ", "You get a good pay for almost nothing at all ", "You can watch movies and videos and give
the excuse that you are looking for ideas ", "You can start your own business once you
get the hang of it! ", "You become the smart one in your group ", "Social media is growing everyday ", "No cubicles! You are a free bird.
Sit where you like, work as you like ", "You can go viral and become the face of
your company ", "You can be as creative as you want ", "You can use social media the whole day
and no one questions you! ", "Social media is a never ending trend,
its not going off anytime soon", "You can measure your efficiency ", "You can listen to music while working ", "You communicate with the world in one click ", "You communicate faster with the customers ,
you function at the speed of electricity ", "You do not require a specified degree to take up
SMM, If you know how to use a computer
you are good enough", "You can religiously follow your favourite
sitcoms or shows along with working side by side " ]


var length = a.length; var length_2 = b.length;

jQuery( document ).ready(function() { jQuery("#giveMeReason").click(function(){ if(length_2 == i){ i= 0; } jQuery(".text").html(b[i]);

jQuery("#giveMeReason").html(a[i]); i++; }); jQuery("#convinced").click(function(){ jQuery(".text").html(c); }); });

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