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If you pick a commerce student at random and ask him about careers in commerce, 99% of the time you’ll get CA as an answer. But there are lots of career options for commerce that don’t need you to be in the top 1% of commerce graduates.

Infact, if we have a look at the career options after graduation, the scope for a commerce student is greater than a science, engineering or a medicial student. careers in commerce include sectors such as Banking, Accounts, Finance, Investments, Insurance, Management, Computers, Economist. The list goes on. Sometimes you need to have some training in few courses but that’s ok, given the scope of the field.

Let us take one option at a time and explore.

  1. Banking:
  2. The avenue is vast with upcoming sectors such as Product management, Rural banking, etc. These are along with the traditional retail, corporate and merchant banking.

  3. Investments:
  4. Equity research, Investment banking, Mutual funds, stock broking, Forex dealer, etc. All these are the areas to which a commerce student can look forward to.

  5. Accounting:
  6. Along with the niche Chartered Accountants, we have the Cost & Work Accountant. Financial analysts and planners.

Apart from the above thrust areas, options like Management, Finance, etc too have wide domain and provide a lot of choice to a commerce student.

Speaking of management, it could be of anything: Human resource, Brand, Event, International Business, Market research, Retail, Marketing, Education management, etc. All these are based on the simple skills imparted to a commerce graduate in his/ her college years.

Since, we are living in the computer age, it would be foolish to distinguish commerce from computers. A commerce graduate definitely has a future in computers. The different sectors he can look forward to are Software development, System management, Database administration, Data processing and Technology management.

The career path in commerce can lead to foreign ventures too, especially in domains related with accounting. The qualification courses like ACCA and CPA help in this regard.

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is based in United States (US) and the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is based in United Kingdom (UK). Both of these are internationally recognised and are just as difficult as CA which should make them more attractive. Also, these have different exam patterns. A lot of information is available about the exam patterns on the net and also the respective websites.

Having looked at the various areas available for a commerce graduate, we need to give a hint about the path to achieve them too. The IIMs are a must on the list with the choice of Finance and management courses they offer. We cannot forget Sri Ram College of commerce or St. Xavier’s too for the quality commerce education they impart. The new private management colleges coming up do deserve a look or two for the variety of courses they offer.