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In a global economy that is ever-evolving, you want to know how to be on top and be one step ahead of others. If that is what you really want, you will find that having knowledge about Financial Modeling will help boost your career in Finance in incredible ways. Instead of waiting for the boss to show you what to do and how to do it, Financial Modeling experts hit the ground running and accomplish much more.

Because today’s economy is fraught with uncertainty, you would want to learn the skills, concepts and tools required to gain an edge in today’s ultra-competitive job market. Financial Modeling will also empower you to gain an edge when making a career or industry change. Financial Models can be used not only in the Finance industry but across a plethora of industries.

If you aspire to be in one of the top notch positions in any organization as mentioned below, then Financial Modeling is your gateway.

  • Group Manager – Acquisitions
  • Manager – Financial Modeling & Audit
  • Project Manager – Financial Model Conversion
  • Equity Research Analyst – Retail & Auto
  • Investment Partner – Film/Movies Fund
  • VP/AVP – Debt Markets Advisory
  • Research Analyst – Economic Data
  • Amazon – Finance Manager
  • Business Analyst – Real Estate
  • Equity Research – India
  • Market Risk/Risk Management
  • Venture Analyst
  • Market Data Quantitative Analyst

According to payscale , if you have financial modeling as a skill then you can earn somewhere around 5-12 lakhs depending upon the position.

So, as you can see, a field or career that makes use of Financial Modeling is going to be of enormous benefit to you. You will reap great rewards if you choose to opt for Financial Modeling.

Be one step ahead of your peers in terms of your achievements, career, knowledge and other aspirations. Find out more about the benefits and applications of Financial Modeling by just following the link.