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Greetings to all CFA candidates.

Those who have written the CFA Exam in 2014 must know their results by now. We hope that Fate has favored you and your results are exactly the way you wanted and expected it to be! As we all know, the CFA Exam might not take more than six months to prepare for. But we also know that it can prove to be very taxing for a few. Whatever the case, we know you have put in a great amount of effort to overcome this challenge.

Do share your results and experiences with us. This platform is open to all and your story will prove to be valuable to many. Maybe some can learn from all the things that you have done right; maybe some will learn from what you might not have done right.

For those who have cleared CFA Level I, your next step is CFA Level II. Before you go ahead with it, you can go through our Free Downloads for CFA Level II. Based on that, you can make a decision about how to go about CFA Level II.

For those who have cleared CFA Level II, you could also consider Financial Modeling. Financial Modeling is an easy-to-use tool that all members of the financial community ought to know. It makes projections, prediction and analyses very easy.

We eagerly look forward to hearing from you. We will soon be letting you all know how the CFA students from EduPristine have done. So maybe all potential CFA candidates can learn a few tips from these students.

Do get back to us! Feel free to start a discussion below to share your CFA experiences with us and with all CFA and potential CFA candidates around the world.