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CFA Coaching in Bangalore

The heart of IT is what Bangalore is popularly known as. Whenever we hear Bangalore, we instantly connect it with the thriving IT industry, but we live in a country where industrialization is at its peak. Since a lot of development is taking place, Bangalore too is growing and expanding its industries. Be it an IT business or an AD Agency every sector requires professionals in Accounting and Finance. The demand for finance professionals is growing in the city of Bangalore, and CFAs are highly in demand. A CFA course is greatly beneficial and helps with better career opportunities. It will help you stand out and add extra prestige to your resume. The title of a CFA is highly desired and is well respected in various sectors. To become a CFA, coaching is very essential as it’s a crucial part of the journey. The curriculum is wide and requires in-depth knowledge of the modules since it is offered by the CFA Institute in the United States.

EduPristineis a renowned training institute in India with centers in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and it has also made its mark in Bangalore. EduPristine provides CFA coaching in Bangalore and provides experimental learning as well as mock tests that help the students in preparing for this course. This course is taught by the industry’s best people who have professional experience in the field of finance. A disciplined and exam-focused training is offered to the candidates as they need more time and commitment. EduPristine makes preparing for the exam exceptionally smooth and helps you refresh your knowledge with a crash course that is exam-focused. The students also get exclusive access to HD video recordings that help them prepare for the exam more efficiently. If you wish to know more about what the CFA course is all about, CFA exams, CFA job opportunities, CFA course fees in India, etc, keep reading.

what is cfa course

What is a CFA course?

  • The CFA course full form is Chartered Financial Analyst. The CFA course qualification is globally recognized and is the highest standard of professional excellence in Finance. 
  • The CFA course training covers all the aspects of finance in detail. 
  • This course is provided by the United States CFA Institute and provides extensive knowledge in the finance sector. 
  • Topics such as financial management, portfolio management, analysis of all the financial data, etc are taught. 
  • This course will help in the advancement of the candidate’s career and provide them with skills that are very useful in the world of finance. 
  • The scope of CFA is vast not only in India but globally as it provides opportunities in all job sectors. The CFA course teaches how to tackle financial problems and provide solutions for the same. 
  • It is particularly useful if you are looking to elevate your professional career. It will help you enter a lot of exciting fields with good job roles. The CFA course is divided into three levels and each of them teaches 10 modules of the curriculum in detail.
  1. Level I CFA:
    • The level I CFA is the easiest to clear since the 10 topics that are covered in this module are of the basic level. 
    • The topics that are taught at this level are Ethical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Issuers, Equity Investments, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Alternative Investments, Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning.
  2. Level II CFA:
    • With the clearing of each level, the difficulty of the exams also increases. Level II has 10 subjects which are a bit different than those of Level I and are at a more advanced level. 
    • These topics have more in-depth information. The topics that are taught at this level are Ethical and Professional Standards, Corporate Finance, Economics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Alternative Investments, Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning, Fixed Income, Equity Investments, Derivatives, and Alternative Investments.
  3. Level III CFA
    • The Level III CFA is the toughest level. A candidate can only appear for the level III exam after the clearance of the first two levels. 
    • This level, unlike the previous ones, has seven subjects instead of ten. 
    • The seven subjects that are taught extensively at this level are Portfolio Management, Alternative Investments, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Equity Investments, Economics, and Ethical and Professional Standards.

Why Should You Pursue CFA Course

CFA Course Eligibility

  • The CFA course eligibility is very simple. A candidate who is in the final year of their graduation can register for the CFA course but can appear for the exam only after completing their bachelor’s degree. 
  • To be eligible for the exam, the candidate must have a degree equivalent to that of a bachelor’s degree, or have a combined work/college experience that totals four years, or just four years of professional work experience.

CFA Course Duration

  • The CFA Course Duration is usually 2 years but then it also depends on the candidate’s preparation and focuses. 
  • Sometimes it is completed within 2 years, and sometimes it takes more than 2 years.

CFA Enrollment & Registration

  • The CFA enrollment and registration process happens on the official CFA website. 
  • The student needs to meet the eligibility criteria to register themselves on the site.

Most Exciting Careers in Finance With CFA

EduPristine’s CFA course also offers placement assistance and career services after the exam is cleared. In addition, Soft Skills training is also provided to the students to enhance their personalities and help them with their interviews as it helps with accounting jobs and finance jobs. If you want to know more about the CFA course coaching in Bangalore, you can visit our center or get in touch with our professionals.