CFA June 2014 results are out. CFA Level 1 can also be given in the month of December,

and it is important that candidates keep an eye out for various deadlines related to the CFA

Level 1 December 2014 exam.

Registration fee:

The registration fee has three deadlines. To register at a lower price, you need to register as

early as possible, as the registration fee amount increases as the time goes by.

If you are taking the CFA level 1 for the first time, you would need to pay a one-time

enrolment fee of USD 440 (for 2014) which stays the same throughout the period.

The enrolment and registration fee is refundable if the claim for refund is made with in two

days of payment. After this time has elapsed, the amount will not be refunded under any



Second fee schedule: 20th August 2014 (Add to my google calendar) – fees: USD 800.

Third fee schedule: 17th September 2014 (Add to my google calendar) – fees: USD 1170.

Change of test centre:

Once you have registered for the exam and chose a test centre, CFA gives you an option to change

the test centre. This request has to be made within the stipulated time. If request is made after the

deadline, final notification on the status of the request will be sent via email in 24 – 48 business

hours since the request is made. To make the request, log in to you CFA account and select “Change

my test centre” option. You can also change your examination date if you are a differently abled

candidate/ if you have religious beliefs that might make the current exam date unfavourable, you

can apply to CFA for exam date change.


Test centre change – 13th October 2014 (Add to my google calendar)

Disability and religious alternate date accommodation – 23rd calendar) September 2014 (Add to my google calendar)

Receiving Exam admission tickets:

You will be notified when your exam admission ticket is made available online. This document is

important for entry into the test center. This document will contain information as provided by the

candidate and the documents provided to the CFA institute. If any discrepancy is found please notify

the CFA institute immediately. This has to be done by the end of November.


November 2014 (Add to my google calendar).

Exam date:

CFA Level 1 December exam will be conducted on December 6th 2014 (Add to my calendar). The

exam has two sessions, morning session and afternoon session. If you miss the morning session, you

will not be allowed to sit for the afternoon session.