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CFA December 2015 Exam Result

December 16, 2015

CFA results coming soon

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CFA exams are over and now it’s time to relax and celebrate after your hardwork, but when you are doing so, suddenly you hear a voice ‘When are the results’. Relax, that is not your inner voice and you have not gone crazy, it is just some neighbor or a long lost relative who suddenly realizes that you appeared for an exam and is more worried about your results than even you yourself. We are sure that you would love to avoid that voice and continue that celebration but you can’t. Now the only answer that you seek is “When are the results?

So here is the answer

The CFA results for December 2015 will be announced on 28th January 2016

We hope that it turns out to be true but right now it’s just a speculation. A well calculated speculation.

How did we calculate?

Exam Conducted

Exam Date

Result Date

 June  2015

 6th June, 2015

 29th July, 2015

 December  2014

 6th December, 2014

 29th January, 2015

 June 2014

 7th June, 2014

 29th July, 2014

 December 2013

 7th December, 2013

 28th Jan, 2014

 June 2013

 1st June, 2013

 23rd July, 2013

 December 2012

 1st December, 2012

 22nd January, 2013

 June 2012

 2nd June, 2012

 24th July, 2012

According to the website of CFA institute, the results are announced within 60 days of the exams. The exams got over on 5th of December so technically, the results must be announced by 3rd of February but going by the trend it is announced 4 to 5 days early so we predict that it should be out by 28th January, 2016.

If not exactly on January 28th, then may be 2 days before or after, so you can start offering your prayers 24th January onwards.

Since you are here, you would also like to know about the pass rates:
CFA Level 1 pass rate
CFA Level 2 pass rate
CFA Level 3 pass rate

If you too have predicted any result date, then do mention it in the comments box below.

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