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Question: Guys.
nzhukov ?al:: 12 36pm Russian Feaeraton 39 AF Pants
I have difficulty grasping this concept Do not understand how it works Could you please give some real-world examples?
Thanks in advance

i(jor 555 1 11 35pro Ukraine CFA Charter7K46er 457 AF Points
there are also market vs limit options

Answer: edupristine Oct 29th, 2013 1:42am Partner inciia 275 Al’ Points
10.555 wrote there are also mantel vs limit options
Market Vs Limit orders
Market order – If you want buy or sell a particular stock in hurry at any price you will fill market order Through this your stock will bought or sold at prevailing market price
Limit Order Here you are in a market and you think to buy and sell a particular stock at some specified price At this time you will fill lima order at a particular price for that you want to buy or sell

Question: Hello At
waleedhussain Oct 28th, 2013 1:39am Saud’ Arabia CFA Level I Candidate 30 AF Points
I started my studies on 14th August and completed all of them 4 days back. I did all the EOC from schweser while reading. Now I want to start revision and practice but I am not getting clear picture of how to do it. As I’ve just read the material once and realy think I dont remember anything) have thought of this strategy to revise and practice:
1. Re-read Key Concepts of all books (Or better to read Secret Sauce? Will this take time?), after finishing a chapter’s key concepts, practice EOC questions in schweser AND CFAI and then move to next chapter and repeat until al books are done.
2. Once I finish step 1, as I would have revised the whole material and learned all formulas, I wil go for Schweser practice exam one by one and will do mocks on weekends.
Can these two steps be done with these many days left (Ern working full time)? I am afraid step 1 might take too long and eat my practice exam time on the other hand I think I cant start practice exam because I dont remember anything at all.
Please guide.

Answer: edupristine Oct 29th, 2013 2.50am Partner India 275 AF Pomts
At this stage you need to do practice only this can only help you remember the concepts

Question: tulkuu ig
18iii 2012 10 41arn
United States CFA Chartemolder 933 AF Points
Figure 24 on P32 looks different from what I learnt in CFA books
Compared to Normal Distribution. isn’t Leptokurtic Distribution high.peak and fat-tailed

Answer: I edupristine Oct 29th. 2013 3:09am Partner India 275 AF Points
Yes leptokurtic distribution is of symmetricalib shape and more peaked than on normal distribution or belled shape distribution and it has also fatter tails

Question: w sharky7 Oct 24th 2013 4 45pm Spain CFA Level I Candidate 26 AF Points
Could anyone give a brief explanation on why a share repurchase is considered a way of paying dividends to shareholders? And why is usually considered a better action than paying dividends with cash?

Answer: edupristine Oct 28111, 2013 1:45am Partner India 275 AF Points
snarky7 wrote Could anyone give a brier explanation on why a share repurchase is considered a way or paying dividends to snarenoiciers’, And why is usually considered a better action than paying dividends we caste,
Usually those companies who are not paying di/Wends regularly use this approach. Hence through repurchase company pays a cash and buy back the part of shares outstanding, Though the shareholders who sold their shares benefited with cash back( dividend Is also a form of paying cash to shareholders).

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