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CFA Exam: D-Day has Arrived – What to do During the Last Few Hours

December 6, 2013

D-Day is finally here. The last couple of hours are left for the CFA Level 1 Exam. We hope all CFA candidates are ready to crack the exam and pass with flying colors! You must also remember to give your brain some rest. Last minute cramming is going to prove to be detrimental to you at this stage!

So if you believe you still need to revise some more, all you have to do is go through CFA Webinars that were held very recently. You can just sit back on your bed and watch the videos!

1) For CFA Ethics & Corporate Finance, here are the links:

2) For CFA FRA/FSA, here are the links:

3) For CFA Economics, here are the links:

4) For CFA Equity and Fixed Income, here are the links:

5) For CFA Quants, here are the links:

6) For CFA Alternative Investments, Portfolio Management & Derivatives, here are the links:

For more tips and other advice, such as what all need to be taken with you for the exam, just follow the link to All the Best for your CFA Exam!

To view common questions and answers asked by candidates, follow the link to CFA FAQs.

We wish you the very best of luck for your #CFA Exam and hope you do very well tomorrow!

Do share your experiences with us on our forum!

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