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 Exam prep hacks


With just 4 days left for the CFA exam you surely don’t want to miss out on CFA tips that will not only improve your retention but also help you study faster with efficient learning.  When you read faster you study more and when you read with concentration and focus you retain more. Follow these tips and be rest assured to learn and study faster with maximum retention.

1: Read out Loud

Whatever you read, read it out aloud. Read it to the wall, the chair, the table, to your pencil. Just read it out loud. When you do that, you not only store the material you have read but also the sound that you hear. So, when you forget something in the exam you can recall your voice.

2: Spray a perfume that you haven’t used

When there is a different smell you tend to remember that memory more vividly. So if you spray a perfume that you don’t generally use you will be able to recall what you read.  In order to remember the smell you would also remember what you read.

3: Reward yourself after each exercise.

After completing a passage or a number of sums reward yourself with sweets, gummy bears, pieces of cake (anything that you like). This will motivate you to study and will also help you recall the passage in the exam.

4: Teach your favourite toy

You need to become a teacher in order to teach yourself. To remember and recall all that you have learned teach it to your favourite toy. That way you would revise what you have learned and also restore it for future. It need not be a toy necessarily. It can be any one of your favourite things.

5: Chew an odd flavoured gum

When you have an odd taste in your mouth you tend to remember your surroundings. That way you will remember the material you are studying. Weird combinations always attract people thus a weird taste will help you recollect.

6: Use Spreeder

Spreeder is an online website that helps you read faster. All you have to do is put your study material in the text box and choose the speed that you want. That way your text will be displayed according to the speed you read. This will help you increase your speed as well as stop you from diverting to topics that are ahead. You even time yourself while doing this thus saving time and giving you a feedback.

7: Create associations with everyday necessities/ Create mind maps

Associate things with formulae’s and important phrases. For e.g. Each time you pick up your brush recite a formulae, each time you enter the kitchen recite a phrase. But make sure you don’t stick to one same phrase you revise many different phrases. This way you will revise thoroughly. Creating mind maps can be a very effective way to learn. Giving information shapes and colours in your mind will help you retain better. You can download Quantitative analysis and Financial statements mind maps here.

8: Don’t sit in the same place every time you sit to study

When you study make sure the environment is comforting and peaceful but along with that don’t make it a regular one. Sitting in the same place every time you study can limit your senses and deprive them of freedom. Thus changing your study area often can help you stimulate your senses as well as increase retention capacity. In the exam hall you would be able to recall the topic by associating it with the place.

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The most important hack that you need to know throughout your CFA preparation and CFA exams is to relax! No stress. Stress doesn’t get you anywhere rather deprives your brain of retention. All you need to do is feel good and relax and study well. Don’t worry about the outcome; you need to focus on giving your best. After all what could be the worst scenario? It could turn out to be your practice paper for your next attempt, and frankly speaking I don’t think that’s a bad thing. All the best!