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CFA Exam Prep: Tips and Solutions

November 19, 2013

To all those who will be giving the CFA Exam this year, listed below are certain important points that are absolutely crucial to remember. If you remember these basic points, success is yours! Just remember to keep practising everyday and ensure that these points are at your fingertips!

Listed below are 10 things that we believe would help ease your preparation and would alleviate your tension.

So, here it goes!

With the help of a #CFA Planner, you will be able to gauge how much time to spend on each topic thereby making your preparation more systematic and comprehensible. It will elucidate how much time you need to spend on each topic based on your own need!

We have closely calculated how time is to be spent on each topic and it is elucidated in the form of graph. Apart from that, we have also stated other tips that would help your preparation in general. These points include how you should develop your strategy; make a good review plan for your #CFA exam, etc. If you want to read more, just follow the link and read all the pointers for #CFA Exam prep!

These are #CFA Prep tips that would be of use to you when you are facing crunch time! You are probably going into overload and you might be panicking. Well, there is no need to. Sit back, take a deep breath and follow the tips that we are suggesting. There will be no need for you to over-think things if you do! Read on to know these tips!

  • If you are risking not passing the #CFA exam, then you can skip reading the rest of this post!

    If not, then…

    #CFA Exam Prep

    On one of the previous weekends, a webinar was conducted and hundreds of people across the world attended it! So if you have any doubts, you can watch a recording of that video here! It also contains strategies on how to crack the #CFA Exam, apart from other #CFA training methods and means.

    To watch this video, just follow the link!

    By now, you would most probably know that the Quantitative Methods section is worth 12% of your #CFA L1 exam score. And, a huge chunk of Quantitative Methods is made up of Probability distributions! In this article, the 4 main types of distributions present in the #CFA L1 Exam curriculum and some other important points that shall help you crack #CFA L1 Exam at one go, have been discussed!

    To read more, just follow the link!

    #EduPristine had previously organized a live instructional webinar that dealt with topics such as Financial Statement Analysis (FSA) and Financial Reporting and Analysis. As you know, these are crucial topics in the #CFA exam. So to view the presentation and all that was covered, just follow the link. It will be of great help to you!

    Apart from conducting classroom trainings in India and online trainings across the world, we at EduPristine are also offering a Free #CFA Course for anyone who wants to get a primer on the #CFA Syllabus. Thus, we have created a 10-day Free #CFA Course for which you can sign-up. The way this course is structured is that every day you will receive a link to a new video on one particular topic in #CFA.

    To know about the schedule that is being covered, just follow the link!

EduPristine has partnered with to provide all the candidates who are appearing for the Level I #CFA exam with a Free #CFA exam! If you want to access this Free #CFA Exam, just follow the link. You will need a Facebook account, so make sure you sign up for the same!

To read more such posts, just follow the link!

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