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CFA® Institute announces centers in india

August 26, 2011

CFA Institute in India

As per its seasonal announcements CFA Institute has put up the centers in India on its website. You can view the page here. To accommodate late registrations, CFA Institute has also extended the registration date to 31st August.

This has been the case with CFA Institute for every 6 months. In the past 4 years we have been training CFA Program Level I and Level II candidates, we have to assure our students that CFA Institute will come out with an examination center in India. The CFA Institute has to take seasonal permission from Delhi High Court every year due to its long standing law-suit with ICFAI, CFA.

Only once in the past 4 years has the CFA Institute not been able to open a center in India, that was in December 2008.
for more infomation about CFA Institute in India Click here..

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Tip: To avail of the lower fees with early registration, students are advised to register with the CFA Institute in the first quarter itself, once the centers in India are announced, then the student can change their center for free.

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