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CFA Program June 2013

Now that the June 2012 Exam has been conducted, the CFA Institute is going to open registrations for June 2013 Exam. The registrations for the CFA Program June 2013 exam will open on the CFA Institute’s website on 25th July.

Candidates who wish to appear for the CFA next year are advised to do the following –

  • Wait and plan for the exam, if you register early there is a savings of around USD 400 in exam and registration fees
  • Plan your study schedule well in advance. You can use our CFA Planner
  • If you are new to CFA Program, then I would suggest that you make use of our Free 10 Day Course on CFA. It will introduce you to each of the 10 topics covered in the CFA exam. What’s awesome is that you can download the entire course and keep it with yourself. The course is also available for free on Udemy.

If you want any guidance on how to register for the exam, or what are the career choices post the CFA, then feel free to contact us!