Yo must have received your Level I CFA results by now. The CFA Institute has probably mailed all their candidates about their results. Through this, candidates like you can confirm whether they need to repeat the level or proceed to successive level.

What to Know About Your CFA Exam Results:

Your exam results will be based on ‘MPS- Minimum Passing score.’ If you pass, it would mean you met the MPS. In case you don’t pass, your score band will be provided. If you are not satisfied with your exam results, you may ask for exam score retabulation that will be made available to you as soon as the results are released. Moreover, no matter how good you score in one topic, it won’t compensate for your overall performance.

What next after cracking Level I CFA® exam:

Congrats! You belong to a minority of people who pass this most-grueling exam ever. Heave a sigh of relief, but don’t forget there is another attack level awaiting you in June, CFA Level 2. That means twice the study, denser reading material and more advanced winning strategies to pass. Before you go ahead with it, you can go through our Free Downloads for CFA Level II. Based on that, you can make a decision about how to go about CFA Level II.

What If You Don’t Clear Level I CFA® exam?

Don’t fret! Failing is another opportunity for you to get to grips with the topics and the subjects. Although papers are processed with due attentiveness, there is still no guarantee of success.

In case you wish to pass in your second attempt, its time you re-evaluate your studying strategy and consider taking a CFA Prep Course. Taking up a course means that you’ll be learning from experts and earning your CFA a bit sooner. To achieve passing marks, strategic studying is important, and a course which prepares you for exactly that will definitely pay off.

About CFA® Exams:

CFA is known for being one of the most difficult of all exams. Clearing the level 1 is like crossing a big hurdle of your career. In a bid to get a significant career boost, students work hard on securing this globally-recognized designation. The exam is a six-hour slog, wherein students need to avoid common traps which are designed to trick the less prepared students. Nevertheless, CFA still stands to be one of the most popular exams despite its challenging material. No wonder, CFA candidates have increased tenfold over the past 20 years.

Why EduPristine for CFA® Training:

EduPristine prides itself in being one of the leading CFA course providers in India. EduPristine follows CFA Institute Prep Provider Guidelines and specializes in CFA Level I and II online as well as classroom training. Edupristine is a leader in Finance International Certification trainings, especially CFA Program and it has trained over 20,000+ participants from 40+ countries. It serves a list of reputed corporate clients such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Accenture, Mizuho Bank, E&Y and B-schools such as IIM C, IIM I, NUS Singapore, ISB Hyd, FMS etc.

Bibhudutta Dash review for CFA Level 1 training by EduPristine
Bibhudutta Dash

“I feel proud to say that I am a EduPristine student @Chennai. “Thank you EduPristine. I must say that EduPristine faculties are ‘The BEST’. Classes were crisp, to the point and entire syllabi were covered in time. Mock tests helped me to strengthen and work on my weakness. I am looking forward to attend my Level – II coaching class at EduPristine”


Retvic Bisaria review for CFA Level 1 training by EduPristine
Retvic Bisaria

“Hi, I have cleared Level 1 CFA Exam in June 2011. Thanks to Edupristine for wonderful study material and exhaustive question bank. EduPristine question bank is one of the best and was really helpful in preparation for exam.”


That’s about it, as far as the CFA results, do share your experience with us. All the best!