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Level 1 CFA Economics Diagnostic Test

June 22, 2010

CFA Test

This is a small 6 question quiz on Economics Level 1 CFA. No registration required! Please click on the following link Level 1 CFA® Program Economics Diagnostic Test. This is a very fascinating subject once you have a good grip over the subject. There are two main divisions of economics: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Some important readings for the CFA Program Test are listed below:

  • Demand and Provide Analysis: Introduction

  • Demand and Supply Analysis: Shopper Demand

  • Demand and Provide Analysis: The Firm

  • The Firm and Market Structures

  • Economic Functions of Depository Institutions 

Broadly 4 functions:

    • Acting as Financial Intermediaries – Receive deposits which are used to provide loans; Loans are provided at lower rate than what borrowers could have raised outside

    • Provide Liquidity – Offers long term loans from short term deposits

    • Risk Monitoring Institutions have better understanding and mechanism to monitor risk compared to individuals

    • Pooling of Individual Risks Minimize individual risk by pooling individual loans in well diversified portfolios

    • To take a few more quizzes to judge your preparation level in your #CFA Exam prep, just follow the link to #CFA: Practice Tests.

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