Earlier we have posted CFA Level 1 pass rate analysis. Currently, CFA Level 2 exam is offered

only in the month of June. So those of you who wrote the exam in June would have to wait

for a year to write the level 2. This is one of the reasons why candidates preparing full time

taking a break from work prepare for CFA Level 1 exam in December.

The number of candidates taking the CFA Level 2 also has seen steady rise. Except in 2006,

where for unknown reasons is showing a considerable dip, which was out of pattern from

the other years.

CFA Level 2 candidates trend:

CFA Level 2 pass rate:

The average pass rates for CFA Level 2 is slightly greater than CFA Level 1 pass rates at 43%. It is

understandable that the number of examinees for level 2 would be greater than the number of

students who passed Level 1 in the previous year. But this number has seen a steady increase since

2009, indicating that more people are attempting the level 2 more than once. This tenacious pursuit

after CFA can be taken as an indicator of how popular and valuable the charter is, in the industry.

CFA Level 2 pass rate has been consistent for the past 3 years not unlike Level 1 pass rate but since

2004, Level 2 pass rate has seen more ups and downs than Level 1. The average pass rate for the last

three years and since 2004 is 42.67% and 43%.

CFA Level 2 pass rate trend

Given the pass rates, it is absolutely tough to clear any level at any given time and along with

intelligence and hard work, perseverance, tenacity and patience along with excellent CFA training

are the necessary ingredients to beat the odds and emerge as a CFA charter holder.