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If you are reading this article, it probably means that you are going to be giving your CFA level 3 exams soon. Congratulations, firstly on making it till here and hopefully you will make it to the CFA charter. It’s a good start. Let’s look at the number of CFA level 3 exam takers and the pass rates.

The number of candidates decreases drastically for CFA level 3 exams. That is mainly due to the difficulty of the exam. And only the candidates who have cleared the level 2 can appear for the level 3 exams. This limitation restricts candidates and thus it has a low student enrol in. But as you can see from the graph, the number of students taking up the CFA level 3 exams has only increased. It is following an upward trend indicating that more students are being able to clear the Level 2 exams. Last year’s number of 26,882 candidates is an excellent one.

CFA level 3 candidates

The CFA level 3 pass rates have shown an upward trend too, showing an average of 50% i.e. almost half the candidates taking the exams clear it. 2014 has shown a pass rate of 54% which shows that there is scope for a higher pass rate. Looking at the trends followed in the past 5 years clearly depict that the pass rate is increasing every year. 2013 dwindled a little and fell to 49% but apart from that the pass rate has been constant or increasing.

CFA level 3 pass rates

You needn’t worry about the pass rates as long as you are working hard and preparing well. Know about some great CFA hacks. If you need help you can comment below or visit EduPristine. To know more about CFA and training visit our CFA page.