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The final days before any exam are crucial. The CFA Level 1 Exam is just a month away. You want to make most of the time that’s left and yet won’t like to do something really silly at this juncture.

So, here are some tips for the last month of CFA preparation:

  • It’s important to make sure that you don’t stress yourself out before the D-day. Whatever you’re do between now and the exam in December – be it work, study, relaxation or whatever constitutes your schedule, just try not to overdo any and keep things in harmonious concord

  • If you’re feel you are a bit lagging in your study schedule ( most of us do), don’t get yourself over anxious. Re-prioritize things, workout an updated plan and follow it. Make a realistic commitment to study/revise and
    follow it strictly

  • Divide your sessions into short periods of time. Take little rest after each study lesson

  • It’s good to get yourself acquainted with as many sample/mock questions as possible. You can try our free sample questions here

  • Review the main concepts every day and again after every week. This will help you to record information as a long term memory.

So pull yourself together and get ready for the challenge.
We’ll have you all geared up for the exam with more tips and expert advice in coming posts.